Tired of the same boring pots? Get rid of the grime and add some shine to your old pots with these four techniques that are about to be all over Pinterest.


If you're looking for DIY flower pots that are just as striking as the plants they hold, keep reading. Revamping pots you've had for years can be simple. Whether it's with painting plant pots, using burlap, or stamping designs, these pots are guaranteed to enhance your planter collection. Check out these decorating ideas to create containers your friends will think you bought brand new.

plant in chalk painted pot

Chalk Paint on Plastic Plant Pots

Add a touch of color to a bare pot with chalk-style paint. Begin by brushing a layer of white chalk-style paint onto your pot and let dry. Repeat the step with green and then blue chalk-style paint (or a different color of your choice). Once all three layers are dry, dilute orange paint with water. Using a spoon, drip orange paint onto sides of the pot, blending with a dry cloth. This worn look is practically effortless and transforms plastic plant pots into an element of charm in your garden.

plants in spray painted pot

Marble Flower Pots

This mod pot elevates the level of style in any space. For this technique, a gray pot is ideal, but any color will work. First spray-paint the pot a neutral color, such as white. Fill a bucket with water and spray gray paint into the water. Place a trash bag over your arm and submerge the pot in the bucket for a few seconds. Pull it out, and voilà! You've got yourself a gorgeous faux marble flower pot.

plants in stamped pot

Painting Terra-Cotta Pots

If you're looking for an eye-catching pot, you've found it. This project is slightly more time-consuming, but trust us, it'll be worth it. Start by painting the base of the terra-cotta pot with the color of your choice. Let it dry, then paint the rim a different color. While the pot dries, cut a design out of a rubber eraser. (We chose triangles.) Glue the eraser design to a wooden spool, creating a stamp. Dip the stamp in paint. Finally, stamp your desired pattern onto the pot. Gold and white triangles create an elegant Aztec look.

plants in burlap pot

Burlap-Covered Pots

Radiating a bohemian vibe, covering plastic plant pots with burlap is for the minimalist. Begin by measuring the pot's perimeter and cut a burlap sheet to size. Make sure you leave extra fabric for wiggle room. Paint decoupage onto the entire surface of the pot. Press burlap on pot, then brush decoupage on top of burlap. Don't worry about the white streaks the decoupage leaves—it'll dry clear. Continue brushing decoupage onto the whole pot until burlap is secure. Trim excess burlap and tuck over the rim of the pot. Say hello to your new favorite garden container!


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