Container Gardens

A container garden can comprise almost any plant or a combination. Discover how to create the most colorful containers for every spot in your landscape, whether you'd like to fill them with flowers, grow tasty vegetables, or experiment with larger plants like trees and shrubs.

This New Kit Makes Creating a Vertical Container Garden Easier Than Ever

Make the most of your gardening footprint with SkyPots, a new kit that makes it easy to create a floor-to-ceiling plant wall.
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How to Plant a Window Box

Window boxes are a blank slate for you to design and plant in. If you plant them right, the design options for a successful window box are endless.
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5 Outdoor Planters You'll Want to Put On Your Patio Right Now

Whether you like a modern, streamlined look or a farmhouse vibe, you can find a great planter to add to your landscape. Here are some of our favorites—all under $100.
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8 Charming Terrarium Accessories You Can Get on Amazon

Fill your terrarium with adorable, tiny figurines, and accessories that reflect you and the things you love. It's easy to get your favorites shipped to your door because all of these are available on Amazon.
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More Container Gardens

15 Heat-Loving Container Garden Plants

The dog days of summer can turn your gorgeous container gardens into a crispy mess. Try these plants that take the heat for color all season long.
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Deer- and Rabbit-Resistant Plants for Containers

Yes, you can still have the container garden of your dreams if deer and rabbits are turning your deck into their own personal buffet table. Here's a list of plants deer and rabbits will avoid.
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These Winter Container Gardens Are So Seasonally Festive

Believe it or not, your garden can be full of green in any season—even if the ground is frozen solid! Look to evergreen branches and bright berries to give your winter container gardens a splash of holiday color.