Garden Tour: The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Take a look at this 313-acre living laboratory packed with display gardens, hiking trails, and more.

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    Herb and Physic Garden

    Many garden plants have, or once had, utilitarian purposes. Learn about these plants in the Herb and Physic Garden, which features plants found in the United States and abroad.

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    Bog Garden

    The State Botanical Garden of Georgia's Bog Garden hosts many species of pitcher plant (Sarracenia), including native species.

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    International Garden

    The International Garden honors three plant hunters (John Bartram, William Bartram, and Ernest Henry Wilson) whose explorations have brought many fantastic plants to Southern gardens.

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    Water Feature

    A stream adds the sound of water to the International Garden. It also serves as the visual focal point of the garden when viewed from the visitor center.

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    Near the visitor center's back patio, you'll find a lovely gazebo that overlooks the Herb and Physic Garden, as well as the International Garden.

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    Wildflower Meadows

    The Wildflower Meadows in the Flower Garden are at their peak in late spring and early summer and show off beautiful, easy-to-grow Southern flowers.

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    The gardens hosts many species of magnolia, including the classic Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora).

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    The Day Chapel

    Delightfully tucked into the botanical garden grounds, the Day Chapel offers a space for weddings and other events. Constructed largely from native hardwoods, it features a wealth of decorative carvings.

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    Garden Statuaries

    As is the case with many botanical gardens, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia offers delightful garden art. One piece, called Field Trip, features six life-size bronze children and their bronze teacher.

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    Threaded Gate

    The garden hosts many exhibitions. The Threaded Gate, shown here, was part of a show in 2011 and now permanently graces the garden.

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    Trails & Natural Areas

    Though the garden is on 313 acres, most of the grounds are left natural. Five miles of hiking trails meander through the woods and along the Middle Oconee River.


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