Strolling under the blooms in late April or early May would make any flower lover happy, but looking at the gorgeous photos is almost as sweet.

By Nicole Bradley
April 09, 2019

Walking through a flower garden or a field of flowers is one thing. But walking underneath a tunnel of blooms? That's something straight out of a fairy tale. Nestled in the bamboo groves of Kitakyushu, Japan is the Wisteria Tunnel, which looks like a living painting. But with its peak bloom coming soon, the photos of thousands of wisteria flowers are still mesmerizing.

Credit: chanawin88/Getty Images

Kitakyushu, Japan is an estimated five-hour drive from Tokyo. Kawachi Fuji Gardens, where the tunnel sits, grows 150 flowering wisteria plants in purple, pink, white, and blue. Each of the 20 species climbs around several arbor supports, ultimately creating a 100 meter-long tunnel of cascading plants. Some of the species are fragrant, making the tunnel the ultimate spring walk or picnic destination.

Credit: David Yu, 500px/Getty Images

Peak bloom, or what is referred to as "Golden Week," is April 24 through May 6 this year. Not only is this week wisteria peak bloom, but a national holiday also falls during the week to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Showa. Most of the country gets the entire week off work so they can travel to see peak-bloom wisteria around the nation. The second most popular visit time to the Kawachi Fuji Gardens is in autumn when fall foliage is looking its best.

Credit: Jef Wodniack/Getty Images

Can't make it to the Kawachi Fuji Gardens? It's quite the hike to get there. Certain species of wisteria are actually native in parts of the U.S., so you may be able to grow it yourself. Keep in mind that wisteria is not your average garden plant (it can climb up to 65 feet above the ground!) which is why you often see it vining up the front of houses.


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