Botanical gardens, arboretums, and other public green spaces can be great places to learn about new plants and get landscaping ideas for your yard. National Public Gardens Day is a great opportunity to visit your favorite -- or discover a new one.
Atlanta Botanical Garden

National Public Gardens Day, which is the Friday before Mother's Day, is a day of awareness inviting communities across North America to visit and learn about the important role that public gardens play in our lives.

National Public Gardens Day is an ideal time to get out and enjoy the beautiful display at your local botanical garden or arboretum and lean about its impact on your community.

For example, many gardens conduct research and aid in the discovery of new plant species or the creation of new plant varieties. Your local garden may also play a valuable role in helping to protect endangered plants. Or it may offer outreach programs that allow you to take classes about gardening, landscaping, or other topics.

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