9 Game Room Ideas for the Ultimate Entertainment Space

Make the most of your family game room with these clever ideas.

croquet and cue balls displayed as decor

A game room needs games, of course, but that's not the only thing the space should have. It's a place where fun happens (unless family game nights are cut throat in your house), so the room should reflect the feel-good, carefree nature of the activities that happen there. Once you've refreshed your board game collection, it's time to focus on the actual space. We're sharing our best game room ideas to help you create your dream entertainment space.

If you don't have a dedicated space for family game nights, a family room or den can easily become a game room with a few simple tweaks. We'll show you how to convert an unused space into an entertainment room. We're also sharing our best storage ideas to keep the space from becoming cluttered in between game nights.

Our game room ideas work in both small and large spaces, or even a garage or a small corner of a living room.With plenty of storage for board games and cards, a bright color scheme, and comfy seating, these game room ideas will make the most of your space.

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Game Room Storage

game room storage

Whether you have an entire game room or you're repurposing part of another room, proper game and toy storage is key to keeping your space clutter-free. Install a bookshelf, cabinets, or empty out a closet. On the lowest shelves, keep anything you want your little ones being able to access without your help: This is a great spot for puzzles and books, while paint and glitter should be stored on higher shelves. If you're installing shelving in your game room, consider gliding drawers which can be pulled out of a storage cabinet, making it easier to grab things in the back.

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Pick a Table With Storage

a colorful game room

An entertainment room should facilitate fun activities and spark creativity, so don't be afraid to incorporate color. Choose sturdy functional furniture pieces, such as a table with storage for board games, then layer in colorful elements. Opt for brightly colored prints, a rainbow of fabric storage bins, or a map that makes for educational art.

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Games As Decor In The Game Room

croquet and cue balls displayed as decor

Turn your games into part of the decor. Game pieces are often fun and colorful, so consider using them as art when designing your space. Here, acrylic vases turn baseballs, cue balls and croquet balls into a clever focal point. And, the balls can still be accessed whenever you need them.

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A Chest of Games

a trunk filled with games

A sturdy chest or trunk is a great piece of functional furniture to have in a game room. It serves as a sturdy coffee table when the lid is closed, but doubles as a place to tuck away games, blankets, and anything else you want out of sight. Having all the games in one place makes clean up a breeze too.

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A Functional & Fun Floating Shelf

a ping pong table with floating shelves

The only downside of having a ping pong table is that it can be a scramble to find those tiny balls when it's time to play. A set of floating shelves will take care of that problem with designated slots to hold game paddles, containers of ping pong balls, and of course a built-in bottle opener, so no one has to take a break to grab a beverage.

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Small Game Room Idea

small game room bar cart idea

You can pack a lot into a smaller game room with some strategic thinking. Here, a narrow folding table functions as both a storage area for games and a makeshift bar cart. The tables, which have a small lip to keep pieces from rolling away, are a far cry for your average TV dinner table. The bamboo-inspired legs and brass hardware elevate the look so they fit right in in a moody parlor.

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A Game Room For Young Kids

game room with train table coffee table

Skip the coffee table in the kids' playroom or family room and opt for a train or game table instead. There's still plenty of room to set down the remote or a cup of coffee, and the table will be functional instead of just accumulating clutter. Finish the kids' game room by choosing a neutral wallpaper or paint, then add framed artwork for a personal touch.

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Create a Garage Game Room

a garage game room

If you have unused garage space, make a small game room area to use when the weather is nice. An indoor-outdoor rug and a few durable furniture pieces will warm up the space. Here, a pegboard painted a bold blue hue to match the walls offers garage storage so the drawers and cabinets can hold games instead of tools.

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Use a Drink Holder

aerial view of coffee table on super bowl

Whether the "big game" means football or bingo in your household, you won't want to miss a minute of game night by having to get up to go to the fridge. Place a large tub filled with icy drinks on your game table for a festive (and functional) look. Just remember to lay a towel or trivet down to avoid water stains.

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