These funny Christmas cards are a hoot! Get a laugh out of the holidays with the cheekiest and punniest of Christmas cards you'll encounter this season.

By Hannah Statler
October 31, 2016
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Urban Outfitters Fleece Navidad

We love this cheeky Christmas card! Wish your friends and family a "Fleece Navidad" with this cute holiday pun.

Price: $5.75


Regifting? Be get a laugh and confess it now. This funny holiday card is also perfect for your white elephant gift exchange this year. 

Price: $2.84

Peas on Earth

Whether you're reminding your kids to eat their vegetables or just putting a smile on their faces, they'll surely get a giggle out of this card.

Price: $3.70

The Cat Did it!

Everyone knows no matter how much trouble the house pets get into, they're mom and dad's real favorites. The family will get a kick out of this funny Christmas card exposing the pets' mischievous side.

Price: $3.15

Freezin's Greetings

Laugh 'til you shiver with a cute penguin boxed card set! These adorable cards stand out from the holiday norm and will put a smile on everyone's face. 

Price: $7/box of 14

Otter Half

Send a shout out to your S/O on this special holiday. These otters are the epitome of #couplegoals.

Price: $3.50

Merry Creasemas

Send a little humor with your holiday greetings this Christmas. After all, who doesn't love a wrinkly pup and some mistletoe?!

Price: $5.50

Explain Yourself

This card is perfect for your rambling pal who can't seem to get their words out. Drop this in the mail and let the card do the talking.

Price: $3.82

Just Believe

If there's anything Santa taught us as children, it's the magic of Christmas. Your spirited folks will love this funny Christmas card that reminds us all to just believe.

Price: $8.99/box of 12

Peace and Joy

Perfect for those who find joy in the little things, any family with children will surely appreciate this. You'll be sending laughter and happiness to all with this relatable and personalized card.

Price from $1.79


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