Fruit Baskets

Need an edible fruit basket for a special event? Read on for our creative themes and tips for sending a memorable gift fruit basket.

Themes for Edible Fruit Baskets

A fruit gift basket is an easy way to create a memorable present. Stick with a central idea or theme to keep the gift cohesive. When choosing a theme, consider the receivers' personality and taste.

  • Fresh Citrus Basket: Load up on bright, fresh fruits from the south during the chilly winter months for a tropical-theme basket. Get our fruit baskets for delivery!
  • Smoothie Gift Basket: Add fruits like bananas, strawberries, peaches and pineapple for this themed fruit basket. Additional items could include protein powders or fun drink glasses.
  • Garden-Fresh Basket: Pick fruits and vegetables from your garden, or see if a local farmers have fruit baskets for delivery.
  • Wine, Cheese, and Fruit Gift Basket: Load up a basket with your favorite wines and corresponding cheese and fruit.

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Memorable Gift Basket

To keep a fruit gift basket from being generic, make sure to add a personal touch.  A little extra thought goes a long way toward making an unforgettable gift. Consider the person's favorite foods or meaningful treats in their life. 

  • Dietary Specials: Friends and family with diabetes or a gluten allergy will appreciate sugar- and gluten-free treats. The receiver will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind these goodies.
  • Local Favorites: Local specialties add fun twist and a personal touch to a gift basket. A local food might be the perfect antidote for a homesick friend or favorite childhood treat might bring a smile to their face.
  • Family Recipes: Share your special recipes with family and friends. Include recipes that highlight the same fruit and food in the gift fruit basket.

Gift Basket Extras

Complete an edible fruit basket with a corresponding item for a memorable gift. Include a non-perishable item that will fit well with the theme of the gift basket.

  • Kitchen Products: Supplement great fruit and food products with some new kitchenware. Consider adding a cute cutting board, cozy mug, or a new fancy cooking utensil.
  • Recipe Ideas: Cookbook or magazine subscription are the perfect top-off to edible fruit baskets.
  • Fruit products: Complement your fruit selections with some fun fruit snacks, such as dried fruit, jams, jellies, or fruit candies.


Fruit Basket for Delivery

The team at Better Homes & Gardens put together this fruit gift basket that will bring Florida sunshine into any home.

  • Theme: Sunshine Fresh. The basket includes honey-sweet tangerines and juicy navel oranges. The gift includes three varieties of grapefruit: deep red, white and ruby red. The basket comes with an abundance of zipper-skinned tangelos and the rare red navel oranges.
  • Memorable/personal: All fruits are grown by a family in Hale Indian River Groves in Vero Beach Florida. They've been a family-owned farm since 1947.
  • Add something extra: Includes a stainless–steel knife, grapefruit spoons, orange candies, mixed nuts, and gourmet chocolates for those with a sweet tooth.

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