10 Freestanding Bathtub Ideas That’ll Have You Dreaming in Bubbles

From spa-like to vintage-inspired, these freestanding tub ideas will bring your bath goals to life.

bathroom with patterned floor and white bathtub
Photo: Anthony Masterson

From glamorous to understated and everything in between, your tub style can be as unique as you are—and it should be. After all, your bathroom is a personal space. We’ll let the kitchen take the title of the heart of the home, but the bath (and specifically the tub) is where many of us escape for quiet time or a bit of relaxation after a long day. It’s a place we can count on for solitude and retrospection. We can unwind with a good book under a blanket of bubbles or soak for a while with a glass of wine in hand.

Whatever your objective, let these freestanding tub ideas act as a jumping-off point for all of your bathroom design dreams. Once you find a style that suits you, play with decor, paint colors, flooring materials, and more to create an oasis that’s primed to become your favorite spot in the house.

modern bath with freestanding tub and brown accents
Werner Straube

1. Deep Soaking Tub

Don’t underestimate the importance of tub dimensions. While it’s highly important to find one that’s the right size for your space, it’s equally important to find one that’s the right size for you. How you’ll use your tub and the height of those who will be using it are important factors. If it’s primarily going to be used for baby baths and quick soaks, a shallower option might be in order. But if up-to-the-shoulders kind of relaxation is what you’re after, you’ll want a deep soaking tub. The good news is that just because a freestanding bathtub is deep, it doesn't necessarily need a larger footprint, making it a viable option for small bathrooms.   

Curtain over bathtub in bathroom
Adam Albright

2. Vintage Clawfoot Tub

Keep in mind the style of your bathroom when it comes to selecting a freestanding bathtub. Because a tub often acts as a focal point, particularly if it’s a stand-alone variety, you’ll want to ensure it sets the right tone. Here, a clawfoot tub with painted white legs effortlessly works with the style of the space without getting too flashy. A ceiling-mounted shower curtain encircles the tub, providing privacy when needed; when not in use, it can easily be drawn back to allow in light from the window.

white marble tile bathroom with porcelain bathtub
Adam Albright

3. Midcentury Modern Tub

No detail was overlooked in this midcentury modern bathroom. From the gorgeous marble-tiled walls to the gold fixtures and clean-lined oval tub, the retro inspiration is clear. Wall-mounted faucets and knobs both above the tub and the sink create a uniform look. Textiles, including a Roman window shade and striped rug by the vanity, are used to soften the lines of the space. 

black and white subway tile shower with gold fixtures
Frances Janisch

4. Combination Tub and Shower

If you’re short on space and need both a shower and tub, your visions of a stand-alone soaker don’t have to be put on the back burner. This clawfoot tub works double-duty and strikes an elegant note thanks to brass fixtures and a black-and-white subway tile backsplash that extends to the ceiling. The details are just as important as the tub itself when it comes to creating your ideal escape. 

Bathroom with dark walls and wooden cabinets
Edmund Barr

5. Painted Clawfoot Tub

Want to add some interest to your vintage-style tub? Consider refreshing it with paint. Swap out the fixtures, refinish the interior, and paint the exterior to make your old freestanding tub feel brand new without forsaking its character. Here, matte charcoal paint helps the tub fit seamlessly into the bathroom color palette and still brings vintage charm.

Vintage Baths
Laurie Black

6. Small-Space Tub

Even the smallest bathroom can benefit from a tub. Here, a narrow soaker tub with a high back is tucked behind two ticking-stripe shower curtains. The unassuming color palette, set off by bright white walls and chrome fixtures, keeps the tight quarters from feeling too cramped. The light and airy escape is the perfect solution for smaller hallway bathrooms or for renovation projects on older homes where keeping a historical feel is the goal. 

bathtub and shower
Edmund Barr

7. Wet Room Tub

The wet room trend is one we’re not saying goodbye to anytime soon. With this design, there’s no enclosure around the barrier-free shower and oftentimes there's a tub within the space to create a spa-like feel. Here, a wood ledge, walls with a floor-to-ceiling pebbled surface, an overhead showerhead, and wood-look tile flooring create the ultimate wet room. If you like the concept but the aesthetic isn’t your style, consider using the layout but customizing the supporting elements to create the bathroom you envision. 

bathroom with patterned floor and white bathtub
Anthony Masterson

8. Rectangular Freestanding Bathtub

Think outside the box when it comes to tub shape. A rectangular soaking tub adds to the geometrical patterns in this bathroom and reinforces the shape of the surrounding alcove. A faucet in the middle of the tub creates a sense of symmetry that works well with the rest of the design. If your tub doesn’t have a shelf within arm’s reach, consider a small stool so necessary items are always nearby. 

white bathroom flowers towels tub gray bench
Emily Followill

9. Elevated Tub

To take your bathroom to new heights, consider placing your freestanding tub on an elevated platform. Here, just a single step up creates dimension within the room and elevates the tub to a starring role. The temperature dials are tucked into the surrounding built-in to keep the long, elegant faucet the central focus. 

black tile floor wall yellow stool white tub windows
Michael Partenio

10. Classic Freestanding Tub

This tub evokes the rich, warm atmosphere of an office or study thanks to a backdrop of dark wood paneling. Just above, white walls and plenty of natural light keep the space from feeling too heavy or dreary. Pops of yellow also add to the interest, adding a dose of colorful whimsy. 

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