This Is Why You’re Seeing Frameless Mirrors Everywhere

The frameless mirror trend is a versatile, more modern option for using reflective surfaces to enhance the look of a space—learn all about this rising trend.

Living room with round frameless mirror

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If you’ve been shopping for mirrors recently, you’ve likely noticed that frameless mirrors are suddenly everywhere. Frameless mirrors have been typical features in bathrooms for years, but lately, designers have started to use them throughout the house to modernize the look of all sorts of rooms.

Unlike traditional framed mirrors, with a frameless mirror, the mirror glass extends to the edges of the object. Without a border, these mirrors have a clean, minimal look. Many frameless mirrors make a statement with their scale alone—they lend themselves to large format applications, where they can transform a space by visually enlarging it or doubling the impact of architectural design features in a room.

Why Frameless Mirrors Are So Popular

Though frameless mirrors are often used in modern spaces (their clean lines fit very nicely into modern design), the absence of frames also has a blank slate quality that opens up a world of design possibilities, helping to fuel the popularity of frameless mirrors.

“Frameless mirrors are getting traction as a trend because they are so versatile,” says Janette Mallory of Janette Mallory Interiors. “When we think of framed mirrors, we have that additional component of the frame as a consideration if it fits the theme you’re looking for or matches the other pieces in the room, whereas frameless ones are simply about the shape.”

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Focusing only on the shape of the mirror makes it much easier to find one that suits your space. And, if you move or decide to redecorate, the frameless mirror can easily fit into your new space, making it a perfect choice for renters or those still developing their design style. Their simplicity helps transcend trends, too, so you won’t feel like you need to replace your frameless mirror in a few years.

A frameless mirror can also be a bit more budget-friendly, so you can get a bigger bang for your mirror buck and make a statement at the same time. Large, high-impact mirrors are on trend right now, and the frameless designs make the edges less noticeable, creating an illusion of openness and making them ideal for small spaces

How to Style a Frameless Mirror in Your Home

If you want to update your space with a frameless mirror, start by considering your home’s overall aesthetic.

“Frameless mirrors work best in contemporary, midcentury, or minimalist style spaces,” Mallory says. “It’s inherently very modern and adapts well in those settings. Having said that, however, there is no rule that says you can’t have [a frameless mirror] in a space that’s more traditional. In a more traditionally decorated room, a frameless mirror can actually stand as an eccentric accent piece.”

Another way to add a frameless mirror to a more classic space is to find one with a beveled edge that mimics a frame, making the addition more in line visually with the rest of your room. This can be a savvy style solution to mixing eras or bridging two different design sensibilities in a home.

Yellow and green dining room with frameless mirrors on wall

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Styling a frameless mirror isn’t all that different from styling a typical framed mirror.

“Do remember that it is still a mirror and therefore has inherent function and can be used to achieve other things,” Mallory says. “For instance, if you want to make the space seem larger, go with a larger-scale mirror similar in shape to the room. If you would still prefer a smaller one, hang it at eye level so that its reflection gives you that illusion of space. If you want more light, hang it next to a window or where it can shine natural light back into the room.”

You can also hang a frameless mirror to emphasize a focal point, like above your fireplace or across from a colorful piece of art. For a bold statement, place a large floor version in your entry to make a dramatic first impression. However you choose to incorporate a frameless mirror into your home, you’re sure to enjoy a brighter, airer space with your new addition.

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