Gorgeous red roses are a staple on Valentine's Day, but why not switch it up a bit? Check out these incredible red rose alternatives that are sure to impress your sweetheart this year.

By Tamara Kraus
April 08, 2016
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What says, "I love you," more than two of the most decadent things on Earth? Treat her to 12 exquisite, chocolate-dipped strawberries paired with a fine glass of California wine. 

Price: $74.99

Love Bug

If you already make your sweetheart speechless, just imagine how they'll react when they see how cute these handmade brownie pops are. 

Price: $49.98

Health-Nutty for You

Valentine's Day isn't exactly known for being a healthy holiday, so it can be quite the task to find the perfect indulgent gift for a loved one with food restrictions. Luckily, she can have her sweets and eat them too with this adorable burlap basket filled with gluten-free goodies. 

Price: $25

It Takes Two to Taffy

Do you have an artisan to impress this year? These unique taffy pieces stored in a cigar box will win their heart – hands down. 

Price: $29.95

Rose, By Any Other Name

If you like giving flowers and sweets but you want to turn the concept on its head, try these treats made of vanilla bean cake, rose petal passion fruit ganache, and white chocolate coating that are topped with candied rose petals.

Price: $52

Starbucks Addict

Forget the Starbucks gift card; there's a new fully caffeinated gift in town. If you want the Valentine's Day MVP award, give your coffee lover this basket full of sweet snacks they can wash down with their favorite drink. 

Price: $94.95

Bursting With Love Orchid

If you can't take her to a tropical vacation right now, opt for some flowers that'll remind her of warmer days and a little R&R. 

Price: $39.99

Paris, Please

What's more romantic than The City of Love? With just one bite of these French-inspired, champagne-flavored biscuits, you'll bring the flavors of Paris to you. Plus, these sweet treats pair well with milk, wine, tea, and coffee.  

Price: $20

No-Fuss Blooms

If you want your gift to last more than just a few days, opt for a stunning silk floral arrangement that will stand the test of time, just like your relationship.

Price: $132.99

Marvelous Macarons

Does your crush make you tongue-tied? Let these 12 gourmet macarons do the talking for you.

Price: $49.99

Simple Elegance

Is your sweetheart a straight shooter? Cut out the fluff with a clear-cut gift of black and white cookies in a timeless tin to show your love. 

Price: $35

The Ultimate Sweetheart Kit

Get your honey a gift that's as diverse and sweet as they are. This basket is jam-packed with treats from The Popcorn Factory, Harry & David, and Cheryl's Cookies, which will put a smile on anyone's face. 

Price: $99.99

Beary Sweet

Whether you are sending your love long distance or as a workday surprise, this gift basket is like giving your Valentine an extra tight, bear hug. Your sweetie will enjoy a mix of Tate's top treats, including buttery shortbread, brownies, blondies, cookie bark, and chocolate chip cookies. 

Price: $65

Make Your Love Pop

With bold and beautiful hydrangea blooms, hand-dipped, chocolate-covered Oreo pops, and an adorable plush teddy, your love with fall for you all over again if you give them this gift set.

Price: $89.99

Taste of New York

If she's in love with the Concrete Jungle almost as much as she's in love with you, then treat her to one of the city's most nostalgic desserts that'll remind her of the luster and dining in New York. 

Price: $39.99


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