This Shopper-Loved Standing Weeder Easily ‘Pulls Out Roots’ and Saves Your Back—Plus, It’s on Sale

The clever tool ensures those pesky weeds won’t grow back.

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Fiskars 339950-1002 4-Claw Weeder Tout

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Spring is here, the sun is out, and flowers are blooming. And unfortunately, that means weeds are thriving, too. Keeping your yard free of pesky weeds is undoubtedly a time consuming chore. Back and knee pain as a result of a morning spent hunched over the garden bed pulling weeds is expected if you’re digging weeds by hand. Luckily, some tools are gardening game-changers, making the task less physically draining. And we found a clever tool that eliminates the need to hunch over altogether—and it’s on sale for 26% off. 

The Fiskars Four-Claw Weeder is an Amazon best-seller that’s loved by more than 14,000 shoppers who have given it a five-star rating. The manual weeder is 39 inches long, making it easy to reach down and precisely pull out yard invaders while standing. Weighing only 2.31 pounds, the lightweight tool is easy to carry while hunting invasive plants. It includes a few intelligent designs to help cut down on physical exertion, such as the offset handle, which reduces wrist strain, and a foot platform that stamps into tough soil. There’s even a built-in window at the end of the handle, so you can see the weeds directly over the claws for precise picking from above. Plus, the orange mechanism on the handle has an easy eject button that clears weeds from its claws without having to bend over to pluck out stuck roots.

Fiskars 339950-1002 4-Claw Weeder


Buy It: Fiskars Claw Weeder, $46 (was $62), Amazon

At the bottom of the shaft are four serrated stainless steel claws that get deep at the root of the weeds—making weeds a permanent thing of the past. As one five-star reviewer noted, “It pulls out the whole root system on some weeds, most of it on others. You simply put it on top of the weed, step down on the foot pad, then lean it over using the foot pad for leverage, and the weed comes right out of the ground.”

The versatile tool removes many invasive species such as dandelions and thistles. No more having to rely on potentially harmful chemicals and herbicides, when this weeding tool naturally gets rid of weeds permanently. The standing weeder is the safest way to treat your lawn, especially for households with kids, pets, or thriving veggie gardens. 

Save your yard by getting down to the root while saving your back with the Fiskars Claw Weeder that’s on sale at Amazon for 26% off.

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