10 Firewood Storage Ideas for Indoors and Outside

As the nights turn colder, warm up with a cozy fire using one of our creative firewood storage ideas.

Firewood shelving storage backstock

Anthony Masterson

Sitting around a fire is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a chilly fall or winter evening, whether that's inside, cuddled up in front of a fireplace with a mountain of blankets, or outside, surrounded by friends and family in front of a firepit. While there aren’t too many tools you need to store when it comes to maintaining your fireplace or firpit, the firewood that you either chop or buy can take up a considerable amount of space. Creating a special spot for it will keep bulky firewood out of your way but within reach when you’re ready to build a fire. The following indoor and outdoor storage ideas for firewood will help you stay organized and prepared this winter.

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Employ a Basket

Firewood basket

Adam Albright

This simple idea is beneficial if you only keep a few logs on hand at a time. Buy or repurpose a basket as big or as small as you need to fit your collection of firewood. Preferably, use one that’s made of a natural material, such as water hyacinth or wicker, as it won’t matter if the logs rough up the inside when you take them in and out. Place the basket of logs at the foot of your fireplace for an aesthetically pleasing yet functional solution.

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Add Built-Ins for Backstock

Firewood shelving storage backstock

Anthony Masterson

If you’re fortunate enough to have a built-in bookcase flanking your fireplace, consider this firewood storage idea. Use the very bottom shelf to stack firewood. If shelves are adjustable, raise or remove the lowest shelf to make as much room for logs as necessary. Add a basket next to the fireplace for any overflow.

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Hang Hooks

firewood hooks

James R Salomon

It might seem impossible to hang firewood, but it’s not with this minimalist method. Use a couple of sturdy U-shape wall-mounted holders and lay a handful of logs on each one. Be sure not to overload them and make sure to install the hooks into wall studs. This firewood storage can be installed either inside the house or on an exterior wall, such as a shed.

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Line a Wall

Firewood wall rack

Adam Albright

Like the idea of using vertical space but have an abundance of wood? Choose a firewood rack. These slim holders are usually made of steel and are meant to withstand a great deal of weight. They can also sit flat on the floor instead of being hung, making them a great apartment-friendly storage option.

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Slide Under a Bench

mudroom bench firewood storage

James Nathan Schroder

A mudroom is often the ideal spot to store firewood since it’s the bridge between indoors and outdoors. It can be especially helpful to keep logs there if you have both a fireplace and a firepit. Rather than let the space below an entry bench become cluttered with shoes, slide firewood underneath. Not only will it be a cozy look when you enter or exit the house, but it also keeps logs easily accessible for cold nights spent by the fireplace or fall gatherings curled up around a firepit.

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Be Creative with a Bookcase

firewood bookshelf storage

John Gruen

If you have a spare bookcase, think again before tossing or donating it. Instead, transform the furniture piece into a space to store firewood. Stack logs on a few of the shelves (the bottom shelf will likely be the sturdiest) and style the remaining shelves with natural decor to create a homey display. Add a few sprigs of evergreens, dried berries, and pinecones to help the arrangement stand out come the holiday season.

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Carve Out a Nook

Firewood storage nook

Kristada Panichgul

If possible, consider adding a recessed area to your mantel designated for firewood storage. Whether large or small, the area will give logs a home right next to where you use them regularly. Complete the look with fireplace essentials, like a brush, poker, tongs, and shovel.

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Put Wood on the Porch

Outdoor porch firewood storage

Kristada Panichgul

Finding storage solutions for small spaces is not always so easy, and keeping firewood inside might not always be the best option. As an alternative, pick a place outside, such as your porch or patio, to store logs. Even if it’s covered, look for styles that are weather-resistant. If the logs will be fully exposed, include a cover on your firewood storage as well.

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Roll Out a Cart

firewood roller cart storage

Edmund Barr

Any organization solution on wheels is always a win, thanks to its easy maneuverability when needed. Look for a mobile, two-tier cart to hold a portion of your firewood near your fireplace. A rustic wagon placed on the deck keeps spare firewood close by if logs inside run low.

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Create a Firewood Zone

garage storage with red wheelbarrow and firewood

Laurie Black

Are you an enthusiast when it comes to making the perfect fire? Or do you regularly chop your own wood and have extra tools to get the job done? Consider carving out a section, preferably in the garage or shed, to host all of your gear. Hang a pallet, pegboard, or slat wall, and attach hooks to hold splitters, saws, and even a wheelbarrow to transport heavy logs. Line up the firewood you worked hard for along the bottom of the pallet so everything is in one easy-to-find place.

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