German shepherds are a crowd favorite for a reason. They're incredibly smart, quick, and friendly—what's not to love? Cherish them even more with a few accessories that give an ode to your favorite family pet.

By Tamara Kraus

It looks like humans aren't the only ones with a java addiction, according to this whimsical tin art, which features the world-renowned German shepherd. If you ask us, this is the key to life: coffee and dogs.

German Shepherd Tin Sign

Price: $16.99

Drink Up

There's nothing worse than walking around town with your pup on a warm day, forgetting that it's not easy for Fido to hydrate by getting a squirt from your water bottle. Solve that problem with this innovative dog bowl that transforms any water bottle into a friendly drink for your dog.

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Price: $20


What could be more tedious than drying off a thick-haired dog like a German shepherd? Pamper your pet during bath time, and get a dry coat in a snap with this Soggy Doggy towel, which absorbs seven times its weight in water.

Soggy Doggy Super Shammy

Price: $19.95

Dog Watcher

If you ever thought it was out of reach to feed your pup a treat while you're at work, prepare to have your mind blown. With this Petzi Treat Cam, you can interact with your dog from anywhere, and even reward it with a treat, thanks to the nifty treat launcher.

Petzi Interactive Treat Cam

Price: $169.99

Roll with It

You can't control where their fur goes, so you might as well joke about how annoying it is! This punny coffee mug will surely put a smile on any grumpy German shepherd-lover's face each morning.

German Shepherd Mom Mug

Price: $14.95

The Great Outdoors

Bring the outdoors inside with this cheery bed, which happens to be inspired by one of the national parks. This high-quality bed is crafted with polar fleece and comes in multiple sizes, so there will definitely be a bed big enough for your pup.

Pendleton National Park Glacier Park Dog Bed

Price: $168.99

Get Groomed

While we wouldn't trade our pets for the world, sometimes we have to admit they're just plain dirty. Make grooming time a lot easier with a pair of these heavy-duty gloves approved by the finest groomers out there.

HandsOn Gloves

Price: $25

Hello, My Name Is:

While legitimate dog tags are essential for keeping your German shepherd safe and easily returnable if it flees from sight, these tags are a fun way to give your pooch a little more personality.

Pet Personality Name Tag

Price: $12

Tread on This

This doormat is a silhouette made in honor of the official guardian of your home. Let everyone who approaches your doorstep know there's a German shepherd inside before they even ring the doorbell.

German Shepherd Doormat

Price: $37.50

Most Valuable Dog

Celebrate one of the most popular dogs in the county—and its devotion to serving and protecting in the police force—by hanging a tasteful painting.

German Shepherd Framed Collage Wall Art

Price: $230.99



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