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Focusing on self-care—like eating well, exercising when you can, getting outdoors (whether it be for a walk or to tend to your garden), and enjoying the company of family and friends—can all help you fight without fear against breast cancer. We’ll offer support, resources, and tips to help you find balance between your breast cancer treatment and your day-to-day life. 

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16 Thoughtful Gifts for Someone With Breast Cancer

We asked three breast cancer patients what gifts they would like to receive. You'll never drop off another casserole again.

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The 5 Breast Cancer Stages, Explained

Here are the five breast cancer stages and the typical treatments for each.

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14 Things Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer Want You to Know

Real women open up about what it’s like to live with stage 4 breast cancer, plus how you can help.

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8 Ways to Make Happier Decisions

Whether big and life-altering or small and seemingly trivial, decisions can be stressful. Here are eight ways to remove the stress and add the happy to your decision-making process.

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10 Little Ways to Practice Mindfulness Every Day

We live in a busy, fast-paced world and spend a lot of our waking hours on autopilot. But with simple changes and a mission of mindfulness, we can retrain our wandering (and overloaded) brains to be more present and in tune with our surroundings throughout the day.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects the entire family. Although you may be the one undergoing treatment, the kids in your life will have their world turned upside down by the C word too. Here's how to help kids, including young children, understand what the person with breast cancer is going through and enable them to cope.

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11 Important Questions to Ask After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Navigating life after a breast cancer diagnosis can be challenging, but knowing the right questions to ask your care team can be a big help. Here's what to ask before and after surgery.


Why Every Woman Should Know Her Breast Density

It could dramatically alter your breast cancer risk.

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Goal Quotes from Wellness Experts That'll Stoke Your Motivation

Here, how to go at a goal with the transformative mindset of pure self-love and good intentions.

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Try This Heart-Opening Yoga Workout Video When You Need to Bring In the Positive Energy

Nurture your heart chakra and channel good vibes with this chest, shoulder, and hip-opening flow.


The Powerful Reason This Breast Cancer Survivor Is Putting Her Mastectomy Scars on Full Display

Her photo is the most inspiring thing you'll see today.

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The Latest Science On Your Breast Cancer Risk, Explained By Doctors

Keeping up with all the confusing (and conflicting) information on breast cancer can be difficult and oftentimes alarming. Here, experts break it all down and share some reassuring news.