Tricks From Cleaning Pros You Can Use in Your Own Home


Cleaning experts share their favorite tips for getting the house spick and span.

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Out of all the things you do to keep your life in order, cleaning the house is probably the least exciting task on the to-do list. Not only can it feel overwhelming, but these days we’re cleaning with health in mind so everyone at home can feel safe.

The good news is you don’t have to go full spring-cleaning mode to ensure a spotless home. While deep cleaning may not be necessary, you should still clean regularly to reduce dust and dirt build up, says Jeannie Henderson, CEO of Jeannie Cleaning in Portage, MI, and chair of the ISSA Residential Cleaning Council. “It’s regular cleaning that keeps dust, dirt, contaminants and pathogens under control and can be done room by room as time permits.”

Below we asked cleaning experts to share tips on how to make sure your house is at the highest standard of clean.

Focus on high-traffic areas.

“Focus on the spaces where you spend most of your time like bedrooms or bathrooms if you can’t cover the whole house,” says Patty Olinger, Executive Director of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a division of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. When you have some extra time for deeper cleaning, focus on areas where there might be dust, dirt, or grime build up, Olinger adds. “These areas include fixtures, ledges, shelving, doors, baseboards and under or behind furnishings.” This will make the task of cleaning more manageable, while conquering the germs family members are most exposed to. 

Create a cleaning schedule.

“People have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to cleaning,” explains Olinger. “Establishing a routine is key to getting ahead of your household cleaning.”

You take it room by room or start with the complex tasks days earlier and leave the easier ones when it gets closer to the main event. Breaking your cleaning into smaller tasks makes it feel much more do-able.

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Protect your guests before they stop by.

“When having overnight guests, I always think of that room like a hotel would,” says Olinger. Before guests arrive, clean and disinfect all items/surfaces that will be touched more frequently, like doorknobs and light switches. You can also help your household practice excellent hygiene by placing hand sanitizer around your home and having sanitizing wipes on hand for guests to use, adds Henderson, especially if you’re serving food.

Remove clutter.

Having clutter around your home may seem like no big deal, but according to Henderson, it’s “the enemy of a clean home” because it’s difficult to keep surfaces clean when they’re covered with it. “Our rule is to avoid leaving items out when done using them but to put them in the place where they belong whether it’s a drawer or the trash.”

Clean as you go.

If you want to save time cleaning later, it’s a good idea to pick up as you go, says Henderson. “When you cook in the kitchen, keep a small towel or cloth in the cabinet to wipe off the counter and wipe out the sink when you’re done. Also use a small towel to dry the inside of the shower or tub when you use it. This really helps to avoid build-up in your kitchen and bathrooms of soap scum, grease, hard water, toothpaste, hair spray, and especially that dreaded dust.” These small details help cut down clean-up time so you can spend more time doing the household activities you actually enjoy.

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