How to Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Scene From the French Countryside


Spirit a piece of France into your home. We’ll show you how with Oui™ by Yoplait®.

The scent of lavender wafts to you on a gentle breeze. A flickering flame casts a warm light across a gorgeously patterned tablecloth. No, you’re not in Provence—this is your backyard. And it’s easily achievable with the right mix of accoutrements, including the rustic French-style yogurt pots from Oui’s Heritage Collection. Let these tips and the delicious taste of Oui inspire you to turn your outdoor space into the ultimate French countryside escape.

Cup and plates
Use floral patterns and ceramics to create a tablescape - For a leisurely meal on your French countryside patio, opt for flowery-patterned tablecloth, pale or white napkins, and ceramic plates—just like those made by French artisans.
Make a small planter for herbs or lavender - A Provençal garden needs fresh herbs like thyme and tarragon, as well as lavender—and even a humble wooden bucket can be a great vessel for them.
Table and chairs
Play with natural and artificial materials - Wicker and wood furnishings can contrast whimsically with wrought iron tables and chairs. Feel free to play with organic and inorganic textures!
Repurpose Oui pots as candle holders - The French know the importance of a well-lit space, and to spruce yours up even more, use Oui pots to hold candles or votives for both style and illumination.

Learn more about how French methods make for delicious Oui yogurt, right here.

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