The classic challenge for every loving child: what to get Dad without breaking the bank. Well, lucky for you, we've done some intense research to find the best gifts under $25 that still say "ily."

By Shelby Van Slooten

Bitters are an essential ingredient for any cocktail lover. This year, give Dad the perfect set-up to take his fave drinks from mediocre to mind-blowing with this bitters-making kit.

Bitters Making Kit

Price: $24.95

For Better Beards

Beard oil is great for taming the unruly while making sure the skin underneath doesn't get too irritated. While Dad might not go out of his way to find the best beard care, you can take the lead and give it to him! Trust us, he'll never go back to his nonbeard oil ways again.

Cedar Beard Oil

Price: $19.95

Instant Upgrade

Sometimes the best gifts upgrade what Dad already has. Harry's shaving set has everything Dad needs to ditch that disposable razor!

Truman Set

Price: $15

But First ...

Let him take a selfie! If your dad is anything like ours, he is all about the selfies. Help him get those on-point pics wherever he is with a selfie stick. (It's probably best you buy two--you know you'll get jealous.)  

ShutterStick Selfie Stick

Price: $19.99

Keep It Classic

Help Dad build his vinyl collection this Father's Day. Urban Outfitters and Barnes and Noble have plenty to choose from if you're hunting online, but don't be afraid to check out your local thrift store!

The Beatles – Abbey Road

Price: $22.98

We Mean Business

Take this year's gift beyond the tried and true tie with this nautical-inspired tie bar! What better way to show Dad he's your anchor?

Anchor Tie Bar

Price: $15

Style for a Steal

Amp up the style in Dad's favorite drinks! These cocktail picks will add a bit of vintage cocktail culture to your home bar. Plus, they're on sale!

Steel Cocktail Picks

Price: $7.97

A Top-Shelf Experience

This one goes out to all the craft beer fans. These all-natural soaps are made with Dad's favorite brews, essential oils, and gentle clays to give Dad a top-shelf experience. For the nonbeer fan, thre are soap versions of his favorite cocktails!

Craft Beer Soap Duo

Price: $18

Herbs & Spices

Help Dad add some serious flavor to everyday meals with this versatile spice set.  This box has it all: Pasta Sprinkle, Bouquet Garni, Bavarian Rub, and Parisien Bonnes Herbes.

Blended Herbs Gift Pack

Price: $20.49



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