Farrow & Ball Just Released Its First New Colors in 4 Years

The iconic paint and wallpaper brand has added 11 gorgeous new paint colors to its palette.

If you prefer a less-is-more approach to home decor, listen up: Paint company Farrow & Ball has announced the addition of 11 new colors to its collection of high-performance, low-VOC, water-based paints. While new paint colors are regular occurrences for many paint brands, this is huge for Farrow & Ball—the company hasn’t announced a new paint color in four years.

New paint colors from Farrow & Ball

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball is known for its carefully curated palette of 132 rich paint colors. With the announcement that it’s adding 11 new colors to that list (and archiving 11 older colors to make room for them), you can expect that these shades are perfectly developed to expand the base palette—and safely assume that these colors have been worth the wait.

New paint colors from Farrow & Ball - Wine Dark blue in bedroom
Wine Dark by Farrow & Ball.

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

“Our relationship with our home has changed so much over the last few years, it felt like the perfect time to introduce these new colours,” said Joa Studholme, color curator for Farrow & Ball, in a press release announcing the launch. “We all feel ready to show off our spaces and personal style.”

Studholme created the palette in collaboration with Charlotte Cosby, head of creative at Farrow & Ball. The new shades range from an earthy gray to a clean, forest green, all with the same depth of color and rich pigmentation that Farrow & Ball is known for. The new Farrow & Ball colors are:

  • Stirabout
  • Eddy
  • Tailor Tack
  • Templeton Pink
  • Bamboozle
  • Hopper Head
  • Selvedge
  • Kittiwake
  • Wine Dark
  • Whirlybird
  • Beverly
New paint colors from Farrow & Ball - Whirlybird, Beverly, and Hopper Head in kitchen
Whirlybird, Beverly, and Hopper Head by Farrow & Ball.

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

While the selection of colors in this new set is rather broad, all fit neatly within Farrow & Ball’s preexisting palette. If you consider that palette a spectrum of color, many of these new colors are intended to fit neatly between the older ones. The charcoal Hopper Head goes between grays Railings and Down Pipe, for example, while the sophisticated, warm Kittiwake blue is meant to sit next to the lighter Lulworth Blue.

“Our palette is made even more relevant through the introduction of these gentle lights and dramatic and atmospheric darks,” Studholme’s statement reads.

All the new colors are carefully (and creatively) named, too. Playful green Whirlybird is named for the winged tree seeds, and fiery Bamboozle is inspired by pirates. Other inspirations for the clever names include Homer, Irish porridge, and Templeton House, a London mansion whose dining room inspired the dark, peachy pink hue.

New paint colors from Farrow & Ball - Templeton Pink in Kitchen
Templeton Pink by Farrow & Ball.

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

If you suffer from paint color overwhelm every time a new painting project comes up, a more focused set of options (as with Farrow & Ball’s) might be just the thing to help you make your decision. Farrow & Ball’s selection is organized into different collections, such as the California Collection and Colour by Nature, to help guide your choices. Once you have a few options, remember that all of Farrow & Ball’s paint colors are designed to react to the light in a space, so be sure to test your preferred colors and view them at different times of day and under different lighting to make sure you’re making your best choice.

The 11 new colors from Farrow & Ball are available for purchase beginning September 29 from the Farrow & Ball website, showrooms, and select stockists.

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