Witch's brew, brain juice, voodoo potion -- whatever you call it, your Halloween party punch will be dressed in style with these haunted picks.

By Ashley Van Dyke and Shelby Van Slooten
August 26, 2016
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Even though you are not able to fill this container with your festive fuel, every party deserves themed accessories. Set the mood with this decorative-use-only decanter.

Price: $48

We're Getting Chills

This wine bucket is sure to send shivers up your vino.

Price: $19.99

Time for an Upgrade

Ditch the red Solo cups and give your cocktails the attention they deserve with a set of these haunted glasses.

Price: $4.95 each

Lifts and Spirits

A lift of this deadly corkscrew's arms has us a few turns away from terrified.

Price: $24.95

Light It Up

Add a ghostly glow to your brew of choice with this party dispenser. You can find our favorite punch recipes here. Halloween Lit Beverage Dispenser

Price: $35

You're Glowing

Beckon guests with your very own glow-in-the-dark party labels. Who knew wine could be so spooky!

Price: $6.72

Pun Intended

Give your wine nights a festive flare with a couple of these punny glasses.   

Price: $36.99

Wine Not Mix Things Up?

Don't let this cauldron fool you. It may look like a simple chiller, but it can easily be used as a punch bowl for your latest potions.

Price: $29.99

Perfectly Chilling

Greet your guests with this bony character! Legs like those will surely encourage your guests to reach for more. 

Price: $99

Deadly Spirits

They say fine liquor matures with age…. If that's true, imagine the spirits coming from this decaying decanter.

Price: $31.50

The Perfect Touch

One touch from these spooky claws, and your guests will never want to leave!



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