Embroidered Decor Is Back, and It’s Popping Up in Homes Everywhere

The revival of this delicate decor is bringing an element of craftsmanship into every space it touches.

The art of embroidery can elevate everyday items like sheets and pillowcases from purely practical pieces to highly personalized items to be treasured. Embroidery conjures up images of vintage trousseaus and highly coveted handmade items available only to a lucky few.

Luckily, these days, even the most delicate embroidery can be created on a large scale, making embroidered items more accessible than they were in the past. Even with its wider availability, embroidery still gives items a unique, more custom look than printed fabrics and offers a handmade feel.

Living room with gray sofa and embroidered pillows and fancy chandelier

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Although never truly out of style, embroidery has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity due to current trends in fashion and home design. Many contemporary styles celebrate delicate details and heritage designs, and artisan-made or artisan-style products are everywhere. Looks that celebrate vintage or heritage items are also increasingly popular—just look to newstalgia, the old money aesthetic, and the apothecary aesthetic (to name a few) for proof that this old-is-new approach to decor is having a major moment.

If you’ve embraced a style like cottagecore, your home may already have some elegant embroidery in it. But some people who want to try this look might still worry that embroidery might be a bit too twee for their design aesthetic. Not to fear—we have some great tips for how adding embroidery to your home, whether you’re a dedicated vintage collector or a modern maven just looking to try something new.

Blue and gray bedroom with embroidered pillows

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Why Embroidery and Embroidered Decor Are Trending Now

Embroidery is a technique that uses thread to create decorative patterns and images on fabric. It can also be used to customize items through the use of monograms. Traditionally, embroidery was done by hand, making it a luxury product; these days, most of it is done by machines.

Many of the current trends that we’re seeing are complemented by embroidery. Cottagecore, the ethereal look, and other aesthetics celebrating graceful vintage styles perfectly match this timeless craft, making embroidery an easy way to try these trends without going overboard and having to invest in new furniture or other pricey additions to your home.

Embroidery as a pastime has also become more popular with some grandmillenials, who embrace kitschy decor and are dabbling in more traditional hobbies. So, it makes sense that the embroidery art form is also making its way into their homes.

Living room with white sofa, slipcovered furniture, embroidered pillows

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How to Make Embroidered Pieces Feel Modern

We’d argue that, used judiciously, embroidery can enhance just about any type of design scheme.

One key thing to pay attention to if you’re worried that incorporating embroidered items may age your decor is the type of pattern. While embroidery generally evokes thoughts of florals and traditional motifs, its renewed popularity means there are also more choices, including abstract patterns that put a contemporary spin on this age-old technique.

Don’t be afraid to be playful here. Bold and unexpected colors or unusual fabric choices like rustic denim, wool, or luxe suede can also make embroidery feel modern and fresh.

One of the other wonderful things about the embroidered decor trend is that it is all about accessories, so it’s easy to lightly infuse the look or go all out with multiple pieces, depending on your style. Pick pieces that relate back to your existing decor and incorporate them into your design scheme.

Bedroom with wood headboard and embroidered bedding

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You can add touches of embroidery to nearly any home for texture. Bedrooms lend themselves easily to embroidery with sheets and comforters, but even living and family rooms can benefit from embroidered decorative items like pillows or throw blankets. 

Table linens are another excellent way to test out this trend. From tablecloths and runners that can be the centerpiece of your dining room to small designs or a single initial monogrammed on cocktail napkins, these details effortlessly elevate your decor. You can also combine more traditional linens with modern dishware and glasses to create a unique juxtaposition that won’t feel dated.

What’s important is that you find ways to make the trend work for you, and not the other way around. With so many embroidery options available these days, though, we’re confident you’ll find a look you love—and you may even be inspired to start some embroidery yourself.

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