BHG Editors' Favorite Finds: AAPI-Owned Brands We Love

We're dishing on our favorite AAPI-owned brands in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

favorite finds aapi month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, so this month we're highlighting the AAPI-owned brands we love and use all year long. These editor-approved product recommendations range from spicy sauces to bold, colorful artwork we use to elevate our day-to-day lives.

From indulgent sweets to savory spreads, we have no shortage of delicious food recommendations—but that's not all. We're also sharing our favorite kitchen essentials, gift ideas, and kid-proof home products. In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, we hope these suggestions will help you find a new favorite brand to love on year-round.

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Stick With Me Sweets: Colorful Bonbons

red and yellow box of bonbons

Courtesy of Stick With Me Sweets

"These chocolate bonbons are both delicious and visually stunning. I love gifting these for special occasions and mixing in some of their one-of-a-kind flavors like Yuzu and Kalamansi Meringue Pie."

— Casey Oto, Visuals Editor

Buy it: 6-Piece Bonbon Box ($28, Stick With Me Sweets)

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Brightland: Flavored Oil

brightland pizza oil on table

Courtesy of Brightland

"It's an olive oil that tastes like pizza! I love it for elevating carryout pizza, drizzling on sandwiches, and even my morning fried eggs. There's a hint of jalapeño in there, too, giving it just the right amount of kick."

— Katlyn Moncada, Food Editor

Buy it: Pizza Oil ($32, Brightland)

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Poketo: Dinnerware and Coasters

drink glass on colorful coasters

Courtesy of Poketo

"Finding durable dinnerware that can stand up to my two kiddos and fit in with my style has been tricky. Enter Poketo! I own several of Poketo's bamboo plates, coasters, and bowls. They still look brand new and they are lightweight and easy to clean. A set of the colorful coasters is my go-to housewarming gift."

— Sarah Martens, Senior Food Editor

Buy it: Bamboo Coaster Set ($24, Poketo)

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Fly by Jing: Flavorful Sauces

dumpling dipped in sauce

Courtesy of Fly By Jing

"I love the King Zhong sauce so much that I have a subscription for it! It tastes great on pretty much everything but, I especially love it on frozen dumplings or microwave ramen. It makes the meal feel a little more fancy."

— Paige Dorn, Associate Social Media Editor

Buy it: Zhong Sauce ($17, Fly By Jing)

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Material: Colorful Cutting Boards

stack of colorful cutting boards

Courtesy of Material

"These colorful cutting boards are BPA-free and made out of kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane. They're super durable and my go-to for all my food prepping."

— Katlyn Moncada, Food Editor

Buy it: The reBoard ($35, Material)

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Paper Culture: Personalized Gifts

photo cards with frame

Courtesy of Paper Culture

"Personalized cards, photo books, and stationery are my go-to gifts for all occasions, and Paper Culture makes it so easy to create what I’m looking for. Another reason I love the AAPI-owned brand so much is their focus on sustainability—every order plants a tree! Their paper products are such high quality and I always feel good about ordering them."

— Emily VanSchmus, Home Editor

Buy it: Foil Photo Prints with Stand ($30, Paper Culture)

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Kristina Micotti: Pet Prints

red and blue illustration of red dog

Courtesy of Kristina Micotti

"Every print from Kristina Micotti is pure joy. I have a trio of her Pet Store animal prints hanging in my office and they're the perfect color pop to white walls."

— Caitlin Sole, Senior Home Editor

Buy it: Pet Store Prints (from $25, Kristina Micotti)

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Pika Pika: Calamansi Marmalade

pika pika calamansi marmalade

Courtesy of Pika Pika

"Calamansi is sweet-tart citrus fruit hailing from Southeast Asia. This marmalade is a puckery treat that adds bright flavor to morning toast or a zesty twist to stir-fried noodles."

— Katlyn Moncada, Food Editor

Buy it: Calamansi Marmalade ($16, Pika Pika)

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