I’m a Home Shopping Editor, and These Are the Deals I’m Buying Ahead of the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale

I’m focusing on functional home upgrades and whimsical accessories.

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OApier S5 Steam Mop, Floor Steamer for Hardwood and Tile, Lightweight Steam Mops for Laminate Floor, Wood Floor Cleaning, 450ml Water Tank


In case you missed it, Amazon recently announced its first-ever Prime Early Access Sale to give shoppers a chance to get ahead of the holiday shopping season by serving up huge discounts across its entire site. The two-day sale is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11 and Wednesday, October 12, but the retailer has been slashing prices weeks in advance. 

As a home shopping editor, I look for the best prices and products on the market every day, so naturally, I’ve been stalking deals on Amazon in the days leading up to this new sale event. And it comes as no surprise that I’m creating my own shopping list of the must-have deals and steals I simply can’t wait to buy before the sale officially goes live. 

Editor-Picked Early Amazon Prime Early Access Home Deals:

Before October 11, I’m adding functional home appliances, cozy winter-friendly bedding, and quirky home accessories to my cart, all at affordable price points. If you’re like me and want to get ahead of the pre-holiday shopping rush, keep reading to shop my 10 favorite early Prime Early Access Sale deals, including area rugs, vacuums, and bed sheets for up to 81% off. 

Yusoki Luxury Double Sided Faux Fur Throw Blanket


Yusoki Luxury Double-Sided Faux Fur Throw Blanket

I can be found with a blanket in my lap year-round (yes, even at my workplace). Now that it’s fall, I’m taking stock of my blanket collection, donating worn-down throws, and buying this faux fur blanket that looks like a dream to cuddle in. The double-sided fuzzy blanket has a ribbed, fishbone texture that will add dimension to my space. Plus, it’s only $21 right now. 

Buy It: Yusoki Luxury Double-Sided Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $21 with coupon (was $46), Amazon

Inse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Inse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

My old vacuum cleaner has served me well, but it’s past time for an upgrade. So, when I saw this $700 cordless stick vacuum on sale for $130 at Amazon, my jaw dropped. The powerful vacuum has a five-stage filtration system that traps the smallest particles, including dust, dirt, dander, and of course, pet hair. It also converts into a handheld vacuum and comes with multiple brush attachments. 

Buy It: Inse Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, $130 (was $700), Amazon

Riedel Veritas Moscato/Coupe/Martini Glass


Riedel Veritas Coupe Glass Set of Two

There’s nothing like celebrating the holidays with a craft cocktail or glass of champagne—and my eyes are set on these Riedel coups that serve as a vessel to do just that. The dishwasher-safe coups are made of glass crystal, and the thin, long-stem design feels sophisticated on any tablescape. 

Buy It: Riedel Veritas Coupe Glass Set of Two, $69 (was $79), Amazon

OApier S5 Steam Mop, Floor Steamer


Oapier S5 Steam Mop

The floors in my small apartment never seem fully clean to me, no matter how often I vacuum and mop. I’ve been meaning to invest in a steam cleaner for months, and now that this powerhouse tool is $60, it’s time to make the purchase. It uses only hot water (212 degrees Farenheit to be exact) to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria from hard floors.

Buy It: Oapier S5 Steam Mop, $60 (was $80), Amazon

Peohud 4-Pack Large Mushroom Plant Watering Bulbs


Peohud Four-Pack Mushroom Watering Bulbs

While major Amazon sales are the best time to purchase big-ticket items for less, it’s also a great opportunity to buy something you normally wouldn’t. I’m treating myself to these multicolored, glass-blown, mushroom-shaped watering bulbs to keep my houseplants hydrated throughout the colder months. And at just $20 for four bulbs, I’m grabbing a few to gift to the plant lovers in my life. 

Buy It: Peohud Four-Pack Mushroom Watering Bulbs, $20 (was $29), Amazon

Gifbera Professional Pastry Blender


Gifbera Professional Pastry Blender

Fall is the season of baking, which alerted me to the fact that my kitchen is without a pastry blender. I recently made an apple cobbler, but I had to improv mixing my biscuit dough with two butter knives, which left uneven shapes, so I resorted to using my hands—an unrecommended technique since it will warm the butter. Luckily, I can get this top-rated one for $7 ahead of the Amazon sale. 

Buy It: Gifbera Professional Pastry Blender, $7 (was $11), Amazon

Loloi II Skye Collection Traditional Area Rug


Loloi II Skye Collection Area Rug

I’ve been searching for the perfect area rug for my bedroom, and I think I’ve finally found it in this ornate traditional style—and the size I have my eyes on is 61% off right now. My dream area rug is one that’s in a traditional style that’s balanced—colorful but not too bright, distressed but not faded—and this one fits the bill. Plus, it’s easy to vacuum and spot clean.

Buy It: Loloi II Skye Collection Area Rug, $100 (was $259), Amazon

Delomo Pet Hair Remover Roller


Delomo Pet Hair Remover

I use a lot of lint rollers thanks to the plethora of pet hair sprinkled throughout my home, furniture, and clothing. But after discovering this reusable pet hair roller that shoppers say is more effective than disposable ones, I knew I needed to add it to my shopping cart. I’m grabbing it now for 32% off. 

Buy It: Delomo Pet Hair Remover, $25 (was $37), Amazon

Puersi Handmade Wooden Cookbook Stand Holder


Puersi Cookbook Stand

A few months ago, I decided to cook my way through an entire cookbook for the first time as a fun challenge. But hovering over the counter to read the detailed fine print has been less than ideal. This now-$16 wood cookbook stand is a stylish solution to my mealtime routine. It’s so cute, I’m buying it for my mom and sister, too.

Buy It: Puersi Cookbook Stand, $16 (was $20), Amazon

Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set


Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set

As the weather gets colder, my poorly insulated apartment requires all of the extra tools to keep me warm. So I’m swapping my favorite linen sheets for these flannel sheets that are 15% off. The tightly-woven, thick cotton flannel sheets are designed to keep you warm on the coldest nights. The set comes with a flat sheet, a deep-pocket fitted sheet, and two pillowcases in 11 colors. 

Buy It: Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set, $47 (was $55), Amazon

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