Need a quick refresh in your home, or an easy upgrade? With the switch of a knob, you can give your cabinets a whole new look.

By Ashley Van Dyke
April 08, 2016

These beautiful knobs have us dreaming in pastels! Their soft shades and delicate pattern will go perfectly on any cabinet. Change up the look of your home in an instant, and have your guests asking where you found these spring-inspired gems!

Price: $10

A Festive Statement

Knobs come in all shapes and sizes, but this square coral find has us hooked! Add a pop of color to your home, and you won't regret it.

Price: $4.96

Golden & Grand

Gold is in. It's everywhere in your home decor, from kitchen accessories to throw pillows. Why not put it on your cabinets? This striking handle will boost the luxe factor of your home in a heartbeat.

Price: $18

Floral Fix

Floral knobs give a piece of furniture an elegant touch. Add in the gold detail and you know we're swooning over this find.

Price: $5

Country Chic

Picture this: country kitchen, windows open, and these knobs on your all-white cabinets. Excuse us while we continue daydreaming. Yeah, we know you're going to love this find as much as much as we do.

Price: $5

Wooden Marble Wonder

This chic find is the perfect mixture of materials. The rustic wooden ends combined with the crisp white marble give this pick the exact balance of everything you want.

Price: $24

Farmhouse Finds

These fun finds will make you want to swap out all your kitchen knobs! The cute wording and simple colors will fit flawlessly into your home. So go on, get swapping!

Price: $10

Simple Shine

These pulls are an easy and instant upgrade. The hammered metal look adds just the right amount of texture, and the brilliant silver finish will make something old look shiny and new.

Price: $10

Compare & Contrast

We've hit the trifecta with this find. Black, white marble, and gilt together make the perfect piece of hardware. Your cabinets will go from plain to chic with this easy swap.

Price: $12

Color Splash

Brighten your kitchen or any room when you swap out old knobs for this fresh find. The pretty turquoise color will have you dreaming of beach days and sunshine! Bring some of that happiness indoors and give your home the instant facelift it deserves.

Price: $3.98

Emerald Accents

We know green might seem like a bold color choice, but this handle has us hooked. Give your home a touch of luxury with this jewel-tone find. You'll be wondering what else you can swap out for this fab color. 

Price: $26

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April 18, 2020
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