Hop into the Easter spirit with one of our festive Easter baskets. Everyone loves chocolates and marshmallow candies, but we have some fun alternatives to scratch your springtime itch.

By Lindsay Hostert
February 23, 2016

Starting our list off with a timeless basket, loved by many. Includes lots of tasty treats and creamy chocolates and even a stuffed Easter bunny!

Price: $41.99

A Basket for the Coffee Lover

As much as we loved hunting for Easter eggs when we were younger, we're all grown-up now. Give your springtime buddies this incredible gift basket from Starbucks and make even the Easter Bunny jealous.

Price: $59.99

A Basket for Lovers of Baked Goods

Not everything for Easter needs to be pastel-colored. We love this basket for its simplicity, because who doesn't love a basket full of baked goods? We do. We sooo do.

Price: $39.99

A Basket for the Beer Lover

We'll just leave this here for you.

Price: $69.95

A Basket for the Bath & Body Fanatic

A great Easter basket option for someone who enjoys pampering themself. This little beauty includes lots of invigorating Burt's Bees products and soothing loofahs.

Price: $34.95

A Basket for the Movie Lover

This gift basket is perfect for the ultimate movie night. Candy, buttery popcorn, and salty pretzels fill this basket for the perfect night in.

Price: $58.57


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