These Organic Plant Food Capsules Can Help Keep Your Potted Plants Healthy, and They’re Only 40 Cents Apiece

No green thumb? No problem.

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 EarthPods Organic Indoor Plant Fertilizer Spikes tout

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While everyone can enjoy the liveliness that greenery brings to a space, there is a certain skill needed to keep plants healthy. Even choosing to fill your space with low-maintenance indoor plants like succulents and snake plants is not a guarantee that the plants will thrive in a household where no one has a green thumb. And if you have more than one type of plant, figuring out when to water, how often, and what kind of food to feed each variety is no simple task. Luckily, the EarthPods Organic Indoor Plant Fertilizer Spikes take the guesswork out of keeping indoor plants healthy. 

The container comes with 100 capsules, more than enough for even a home full of plants or a five year-supply for a single plant. Given its longevity and 40-cent per capsule price point, the fertilizer spikes are a steal. The small capsules are 100% sustainably made in the US and contain concentrated premium all-purpose organic plant food. 

Made of organic plant root fungi, bacteria, and humic acid, the mix supports healthy plant growth by boosting root development, stem strength, and even the vibrancy of leaves . The food capsule also works on the soil, creating a healthier base for the plant.

 EarthPods Organic Indoor Plant Fertilizer Spikes


Buy It: EarthPods Organic Indoor Plant Fertilizer Spikes, ($40, Amazon)

One five-star reviewer grows “long-season heavy bloomers” like Gerberas and Begonias in pots, and the EarthPod capsules are the only fertilizer they use. The gardener sees almost immediate results with “new leaves and buds within a few days.” In the winter, the capsules offer “the extra boost they need, whether it's already a healthy plant or a plant that is weak.”

No need to deal with fertilizer portioning, simply submerge a spike in the soil so it hits the root zone and add water. Any at-home gardener knows that fertilizer has a distinct odor, which when dealing with indoor plants, is best avoided if possible. The capsules have zero smell making it an odorless solution to feeding plants in the home.

Living in a harsher climate, another reviewer brings their lavender, rosemary, and hibiscus plants inside the house for six months come winter. By the end of the cold season, the plants are still alive but are “sparse and stressed.” Using the capsules for the first time to avoid smelly fertilizer indoors, the customer’s plants are “growing more leaves and reacting more slowly to harsh sun and dry days.” The reviewer notes that their plants are “looking better than they have in years.”

A simple way to keep healthier plants, buy the EarthPods Organic Indoor Plant Fertilizer Spikes for $40. 

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