Drink Garnishes Worthy of a Party

metal bendy straws

OK, party people -- it's go time. Look to stores like West Elm, Williams-Sonoma, and Sugarfina to dress your drinks with the coolest garnishes. We're talking diamond ice cubes, champagne gummy bears, and tassel swizzle sticks. Never has a drink garnish looked so effortlessly fabulous!

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Tassel Swizzle Sticks

tassel long picks

Stir up some fun with confetti-like swizzle sticks from online shop Oh Happy Day. With fun fringe tops, it's no wonder these garnishes are the best dressed at the bar.

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Bulldog Ice Molds

Drink Garnishes

Ice spheres? Not if this pup has anything to say about it. Make ice cubes even cooler with a silicon ice mold from Williams-Sonoma.

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Fruit Swizzle Sticks

Oh Happy Day fruit swizzle sticks

If you like piña coladas—or daquiris or Bellinis—then you'll love these fruity swizzle sticks from Oh Happy Day. Keep a pack on hand for your next summer happy hour or afternoon by the pool.

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Easy Fruit Peel

lemon rind drink garnish

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Then use the peels to make a garnish, of course! Find this one at Williams-Sonoma.

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Krazy Love Straw

Love straw

Who doesn't love a crazy straw? This throwback is perfect for tall drinks like a Tom Collins or spiked lemonade. Get yours at Urban Outfitters.

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Sugar Lips

gummy lips

Pucker up! These sweet lips from Sugarfina are the perfect touch to a blushing drink such as rosé or a Shirley Temple. Skewer them, then duck face away.

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Gem Ice Cubes

diamond ice

Diamonds in our drinks? Um, yes please. Look to Urban Outiftters to class up even the most ordinary cocktails. Your guests will be saying "I do" before you even pop the ice mold!

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Wild West Pop

Drink Garnishes

Talk about a childhood fave. Dylan's Candy Bar takes it old-school with twisty swirl pops that are perfect for playing up party drinks.

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Arrow Cocktail Picks

arrow cocktail picks

Cupid loves martinis just as much as we do. Shoot his arrow through a string of your favorite olives for a classy drink worth toasting. Find the stainless-steel picks at West Elm.

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Champagne Gummy Bears

gummy bears

Boozy gummy bears? We're so down. Skewer the Sugarfina bears on a wooden stick, then pop into champagne glasses for a cute way to get your candy fix.

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Ice Shot Molds

Drink Garnishes

Just because you can't garnish a shot doesn't mean you can't jazz it up. Fill Urban Outfitters' ice shot molds with your favorite blooms and herbs for the most gorgeous shot you've ever taken.

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Neon Flamingo Stirrers

flamingos drink stirs

Take a note from IFC's Portlandia and "Put a bird on it." Seriously though. These long-legged drink garnishes from Oh Happy Day will have guests tickled pink.

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Airplane Ice Cubes

airplane ice

Jetting away to far-off places is simple with this silicon airplane mold from Williams-Sonoma. Just fill, freeze, and enjoy the flight.

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Umbrella Clips

umbrella drink markers

You didn't think we'd forget the little umbrellas, did you? Clip one of Crate & Barrel's reusables on your next tropical concoction for a "beach escapes only" drink.

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Poker Wand Ice Cubes

ice poker wand

All we do is win, thanks to these poker wand stir sticks from West Elm. Pair it with scotch or whiskey for a well-suited cocktail.

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Salted Rim

Drink Garnishes

Because every marg and mojito deserves a salted rim. Urban Outfitters pretties yours up with teal coloring and some syrup for good measure.

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Pineapple Swizzle Sticks

pineapple swizzle sticks

Make your mai tai look as good as it tastes with these exclusive pineapple swizzle sticks from Crate & Barrel. Aah, paradise.

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Metal Straws

metal bendy straws

West Elm takes party straws to a whole new level. Slip in one of these metal straws to give your party drink a chic, trendy touch. Bonus: They're reusable!

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