6 Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas

These easy-to-make plant stands can be put together in a weekend or less.

DIY wooden plant stand in living room

Carson Downing

The easiest way to add character to any corner of your home, inside or out, is with plants. Add visual appeal to every room and elevate your houseplants with our collection of custom plant stands. While you could opt to buy a stand from the store, these personalized plant stands let you get your hands dirty with a DIY project and utilize easy-to-find materials like dowels, paint, and repurposed wire tomato cages. Here are some of our favorite DIY plant stand ideas that will breathe new life into your home.

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Modern Outdoor Plant Stand

square and rectangular modern planters on stoop
Carson Downing

This easy-to-make geometric plant stand is a fun project you can complete in a day. To make it, cut plywood into 22x22-inch squares. Trace and cut a circle in the middle of one board to fit and hold a bucket. Once you've adhered the plywood pieces to form a square, simply prime and paint the plant stand in your favorite color.

Plant your favorite houseplants in the buckets and display them indoors, or seal the wood and put your plants outside to amp up the curb appeal of your porch. Either way, this modern DIY plant stand is a gorgeous way to flaunt your florals.

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Gabion Plant Stand

gabion plant stand with flowers
Marty Baldwin

This gabion plant stand is a beautiful addition to any landscaping or garden. Most often used as retaining walls, traditional gabion takes a twist to form this DIY project. Minimal materials are required, and it only takes an hour!

Start by inverting and securing three tomato cages together. Be sure to snip all the spiked anchor legs evenly so your planter stays in place. Fill the cage with fieldstones and finish by placing a paver and planter atop the DIY plant stand.

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Wooden Trellis

Wooden trellis with potted plants
Carson Downing

This farmhouse-inspired planter is the perfect addition to your deck or patio. The clean lines painted in black make for a modern twist on a traditional trellis. Add plants and containers with plenty of color to make your display pop. To form the plant stand, simply combine two store-bought trellises using square dowels and duct caps.

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Midcentury Plant Stand

DIY wooden plant stand in living room

Carson Downing

Midcentury modern remains popular thanks to its clean lines and nods to nature. Complement your space with this wooden plant stand with midcentury modern style.

To create the DIY plant stand, cut square dowels to be twice the height of the planter you plan to use. Measure the widest part of the planter to determine the width of the plant stand. Assemble the stand using dowel pins and wood glue. The best part? You can stain it to match any aesthetic.

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Pretty in Pink

painted and dyed flower arrangement against blue background
Atarah Atkinson

Add some feminine flair to your plant stand. A pink vase and pedestal tie together this beautiful bouquet of vibrant flowers. Drape the pedestal with a matching swath of fabric for a monochromatic look. Or go with whatever color scheme speaks to you. This bright display will be the talking point of any get together.

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Use Antique Treasures

antique plant stand

Gabriela Herman

Who said you have to get your hands messy to make your own custom plant stand? Instead, take advantage of a beautiful antique find. Use a stool, washtub, champagne stand, or pedestal to display your plants.

Do you have a piece of furniture in good shape but want to add a weathered look to it? The easiest way to achieve this distressed look is to sand off some paint. Start small, and if you like how it looks, keep going until you achieve your desired look. The weathered appearance of your DIY plant stand will add old-soul character to any corner of your home.

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