8 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations You Can Make in an Afternoon

Deck your front porch with a cheery holiday project.

greenery gnomes diy
Photo: Carson Downing

Once the stockings are hung and the tree is decorated, extend your Christmas decor to the outdoors. Add some cheer to your porch, yard, or front walkway by welcoming holiday guests with an assortment of DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

To help you create curb appeal Clark Griswold himself would approve of, we've put together our favorite DIY outdoor Christmas decor ideas. These clever Christmas crafts will inspire you to get creative with things you already have around the house. Repurpose popsicle sticks, excess ornaments, or pinecones into bright holiday decorations. Or, buy a few new staple pieces you can turn into seasonal decor you'll use year after year.

These Christmas yard decoration ideas will be the envy of the neighborhood this season.

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Outdoor Christmas Lantern

outdoor christmas lantern

Jay Wilde

Transform a plain candle lantern into a festive decor piece by adding white glitter to the bottom of the container to create a snowy base, then add holiday figurines to make your scene come to life. If you don't already have a lantern, you can usually find inexpensive options at most craft stores. Reindeer and greenery give a classic Christmas look, but you could also create a nativity scene or winter wonderland. Adding an electric tea light will give the lantern a warm, cozy look you can still see at night.

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Farmhouse Front Porch Basket

basket with pinecones and Christmas decor
Jacob Fox

Even if you don't have a lot of time for crafting, you can still make DIY outdoor Christmas decor that looks polished and festive. Add a plaid ribbon to a plain woven basket to instantly make it look like it was specifically designed for a Christmas display. Then, fill the basket with greenery, birch branches, ornaments, pine cones, or whatever excess decor pieces you have on hand. This would also be a pretty way to store kindling by the fireplace.

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Mailbox Outdoor Christmas Decor

vintage mailbox hung vertically with greenery and plaid ribbon
Jay Wilde

Turn a vintage mailbox into a gorgeous greenery display by rotating it and adding festive ribbon and fresh, fragrant greenery. Keep the greens fresh by adding a vase to the inside of the mailbox and don't forget to change the water every few days. Keep the display neutral for a farmhouse Christmas look, or take the classic holiday route by spray-painting the mailbox a bright red that can be spotted all the way from Santa's sleigh.

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Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

popsicle stick snowflake

Carson Downing

This cheap Christmas craft doubles as an activity the whole family can get in on. Paint clean popsicle sticks a frosty blue color and add glitter to give them a sparkly glimmer reminiscent of fresh snow. Then, create snowflake shapes by cutting or breaking some of the sticks in half and securing with glue. String the snowflakes into a garland or hang them on your front windows with clear fishing line.

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DIY Christmas Gnomes

greenery gnomes diy
Carson Downing

Who knew greenery, a dryer ball, a pot, and a piece of fabric could be so cute? Gnomes have always been a quirky staple of Christmas decor, and these DIY gnome porch decorations are as sweet as they are creative. Scale this project up or down depending on your vision and space.

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Modern Christmas Wreath

oversize Christmas wreath made of hula hoops hanging between windows outside
Carson Downing

Your Christmas carolers will never guess this gorgeous modern farmhouse wreath is made from spray painted hula hoops. This Christmas craft is a cost-effective way to make a dramatic statement with your outdoor holiday decor without blowing your budget. To make it, wire two painted hula hoops together, then add faux branches and a large plaid bow.

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Polar Bear Door Decor

front porch snow winter decor
Adam Albright

Create your own Christmas polar bear by gluing two mixing bowls together and giving them a fresh coat of paint. The ears, eyes, and nose can be painted on (be sure to use a weather-proof paint for this project) or you can use adhesive foam shapes if you plan to hang the display on a covered porch. Add a colorful scarf and hang this festive figure on your front door using a wreath hook.

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DIY Swag Wreath

Door wreath made of evergreen, holly, and pinecones
Jay Wilde

A swag is a lovely wreath alternative that can be made without all the effort of weaving greenery into a wreath form. Swags typically fan out from a central point at the top, so they're much easier to put together and can be customized quickly. Make your own DIY swag wreath using evergreen branches, ribbon, red berries, and any other accents you like. Make it with faux greenery so you can use it year after year.

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