Make This Easy DIY Command Center for Your Kitchen

You’ll never search “How many ounces in a pint?” again.

green cabinet command center
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Kitchens are the heart of a home, but with so much traffic, they can also become chaotic and cluttered. Streamline your space by transforming the inside of your cabinet doors into an efficient hub of resources and reminders. Transform a frequently used cabinet into a DIY kitchen command center complete with all the guidance you need to prep, cook, and entertain at home. You'll be a smarter, more organized cook, and everyone in your home can contribute to shopping lists and meal prep.

1. Print and Hang Cooking Guides

Nothing halts culinary progress like running out of baking powder, oregano, or pumpkin pie spice. Our printable list of key ingredient substitutions will keep meal prep in progress. Pin up our other informative guides, like measurement conversions, meat temperatures, and a quick table setting guide, for stress-free entertaining. This easy-to-access information will take the confusion out of the kitchen. From halving a recipe to making sure chicken is cooked thoroughly, you'll be prepared for whatever your next recipe throws at you.

2. Showcase Favorite Recipes

Recipes can be hard to keep track of, whether they're on paper or online. Eliminate any trouble finding your favorite recipes by printing them and placing them in your kitchen command center. If you have metal cabinets, use magnets to hang a rotating cast of recipe cards or coupons. For wood cabinets, use tape or sticky pads to give a special home to your most-used recipes.

3. Plan Meals

Take the debate around what's for dinner out of the week by creating a meal plan. Write down each day's meal in an easy-to-access place in your command center so the entire family knows what to expect for supper. Attach a small dry-erase board to the inside of your kitchen cabinet. Use magnets or detachable adhesion strips to easily take the whiteboard on and off when starting a new week. This system will help keep everyone in your home up to date on the week's recipes, plus, you'll know exactly what you need when grocery shopping.

4. Add a Shopping List 

Next to the menu planner, add a pad of paper to the inside of your cabinet door to create a shopping list for the family. Anyone will be able to add items to the grocery list, making it easy to avoid forgetting an item. When you're ready to head to the supermarket, tear off the sheet to take to the store.

Editor's Tip: Keep this item low on the door of the command center so it's in easy reach for everyone.

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