10 Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Choose the perfect light fixture to give your dining room a beautiful finishing touch and a cozy ambience.

dining room with a bench

Edmund Barr

A well-chosen light fixture isn’t just a way to set the mood in a dining room. It’s also an integral design element that has the power to transform the entire space. Good lighting makes an impressive visual statement and has the ability to add the final finishing touch that pulls a space together.

When choosing a light fixture for your dining room, consider the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, the architectural style and features of the space, and the colors and furniture already in the room. Whether your dining room is formal and houses your grandmother’s antique china set or features an eclectic mix of design styles, colors, and textures, beautiful and efficient lighting is essential. From pendant lights and crystal chandeliers to candelabras and even a wagon wheel light, keep reading to gain inspiration from our favorite dining room lighting ideas.

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Vintage-Style Pendant Lights

modern dining room with table and green hanging lights
Dane Tashima

A set of green pendant lights add charm and a relaxed, rustic atmosphere to this warm and welcoming dining room. For a rectangular dining table that’s large enough to seat eight people, multiple pendant lights are a great alternative to one large chandelier. These green metal lights add an industrial touch and a splash of color to the neutral space, proving that well-chosen lighting is like jewelry—it's the final layer that completes and elevates a look. 

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Dining Room Table Lamps

pink bench dining room

Kim Cornelison

Two table lamps provide light and a visual separation between the living and dining area in this open floor plan. Working with an open concept can be tricky, as lines between the kitchen, living room, and dining room are blurred. While you want the space to feel cohesive, you also want to create distinction between each area. These glass table lamps with pleated blue shades add a touch of elegance, create a visual barrier between the two rooms, and continue the blue color scheme that’s used throughout the space.  

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Rattan Pendant Light

wicker and rattan dining room

Abby Murphy

A tiered rattan pendant light makes a striking statement above a midcentury tulip table in this dining room. It adds a textural and sculptural element to the space and ties in the rattan dining chairs for a relaxed, beachy vibe. In addition to adding a natural element to the room, the woven ceiling light casts pretty patterns when turned on.

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Traditional Crystal Chandelier

Dining room with wooden table and pink chairs
Annie Schlecther

A glass chandelier with brass details is the centerpiece of this formal dining room. The traditional light fixture adds an air of sophistication and ties in a brass wall mirror. Both pop against teal floral wallpaper that’s accented by elegant crown molding and a high-gloss ceiling. A braided jute area rug under a walnut dining table and white bamboo chairs adds a natural element and offsets the stately formality of the dining room chandelier.

Use a mix of materials and styles when it comes to the furniture, lighting, area rug, and accessories in your dining room—it’ll make for a much more visually appealing and designer-like space.  

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Drum Shade Pendant Light

dining room with a bench

Edmund Barr

A dining room pendant light with a drum shade is an elegant choice. The clean lines and modern simplicity lighten up a wood dining table, tufted banquette, and wallpapered walls for a contemporary look. If you’re looking for a simple, timeless light fixture for your dining room, you can’t go wrong with a drum shade. It diffuses light for a soft glow that’s perfect for entertaining or enjoying a casual meal. Plus, it fits with any design style, and its uncluttered design won’t compete with or distract from the rest of the room’s decor. 

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Midcentury Modern Lighting

wood dining room windows table
Annie Schlechter

Midcentury modern design has been popular in the furniture industry in recent years, but it's also timeless in the world of lighting. A three-arm ceiling light is one of the most classic and recognizable midcentury light fixture styles. This matte black version is a striking choice against a white wood-planked ceiling in this modern dining room. It adds an effortlessly chic touch and pairs beautifully with the rest of the minimalist space, which includes a walnut dining set and bright white brick walls.

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Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

white farmhouse dining room

Laurey Glenn

A black metal chandelier with faux candles, elegant curved lines, and hanging beads is a charming addition to this farmhouse-style dining room. If your space is filled with neutrals and soft textures, add color and contrast with your light fixture. This vintage-style dining room light stands out against white shiplap walls, warm wood tones, and rustic jute and burlap accents.

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Lantern-Style Light Fixture

farmhouse dining room

John Granen

A rectangular lantern-style black metal chandelier adds an impressive statement to this rustic dining room. Keep scale and proportion in mind when choosing a dining room light fixture—a ceiling light that is too small will look out of place, while one that’s oversized will swallow up and overwhelm a room. Consider the fixture’s scale in proportion to the table and chairs as well as the ceiling height and room size to determine what style and size light best suits your dining room. 

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Wagon Wheel Chandelier

white and brown dining room

Jay Wilde

A black metal wagon wheel chandelier with vintage-style lightbulbs brings the wow factor to this elegant dining room. It draws the eye up to the ceiling and makes a bold statement while echoing the shape of an equally impressive round pedestal dining table. The 20-bulb light introduces a dark color into an otherwise bright room for visual contrast and provides plenty of light to illuminate the entire space. 

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Rustic Candelabra

rustic modern dining room with a fireplace

Laurey Glenn

A six-light candelabra-style chandelier adds warmth and charm to this rustic dining room. Its color, style, and material tie in the dining furniture as well as a stone fireplace and gives the space character and personality. If you're not able to reposition your dining room chandelier to be centered above the table, place a hook in a central spot on the ceiling and hang the chandelier chain off that hook—no messy or expensive electrical work necessary!

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