6 Design Trends We're Leaving in 2022

See which interior styles and accessories are evolving for the year ahead.

It’s beginning to look a lot like 2023, and with the new year comes a whole new design forecast. Out with the old and in with the new? Well, kind of.

“We are stepping into 2023 ready to embrace change with optimism; this includes our design choices,” says Abbey Stark, IKEA US interior design leader. “Residential interior design has become deeply personal, and I believe in 2023 it will become even more self-reflective.”

midcentury bedroom black walls bed
Annie Schlechter

While we might be saying goodbye to some well-loved trends as we step into a fresh year, we’re just as eager to show them a little love, too. So instead of kicking our grout lines to the curb (the first trend swap on the docket), let’s appreciate those tiled backsplashes of the past decade while looking with anticipation at what designers have their eye on moving forward. Here are the design trends that we’re sunsetting, plus the ones that are just getting started.  

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Werner Straube

1. Skip Grout for Slab Backsplashes

If you’re looking to simplify your cleaning routine in 2023 and planning a kitchen remodel, trade hard-to-scrub grout for a slab-style backsplash. April Gandy, principal designer at Alluring Designs Chicago, says the slab backsplash is at the top of her list of trends for 2023.

“Slabs of quartz or marble are perfect for any design aesthetic and help to create a clean, seamless look in any kitchen,” she says. But the real clincher is the lack of grout lines, which makes cleanup a cinch. To keep the design from falling flat or feeling one-dimensional, consider details like the vent hood, cabinet hardware, and paint colors to add interest and personality. 

vanity in closet with hanging accessories
Marty Baldwin

2. Replace Bulky Furniture with Custom Storage

Closets will continue to be the heroes of bedrooms in 2023, but this time we're trading large furniture pieces for custom storage. Utilizing organizational elements in our closets, whether luxurious walk-ins or a few shelves tucked behind a sliding door, is key for creating a tranquil bedroom. Consider creating built-in drawers, cabinets, cubbies, and hooks in these tucked-away spaces, so you can free up the floor space in the sleeping quarters.

“The additional real estate you gain by removing bulky chests, dressers, and armoires creates space for custom-built fireplaces, benches, accent chairs, or workspaces,” says Gandy. “The pandemic helped us see how much opportunity our spaces have, so we are now using all of our spaces to the fullest.”

living room artistic shelves with decor and books
David A. Land

3. Ditch Perfection for Personalization

Vy Truong and Han Dang, founding partners and designers of Very Handsome Studio, are leaving the curated compositions in 2022 and bringing a tapestry of design detail front and center. No longer will picture-perfect impersonal decor take center stage.

“2023 is about breaking the rules, having fun, and creating spaces that are vibrant,” says Stark. “Individualism is at the core of design choices.” Starks sees the continued rise in mixing both new and vintage pieces as a sustainable choice, but also one that reflects the true soul of a space—and that’s one trend that will (thankfully) be hard to shake. 

midcentury bedroom black walls bed
Annie Schlechter

4. Trade Shades of White for Moody Hues

“In 2022, we started to move away from white walls and tonal looks to embrace moodier and bolder colors,” says Stark. But in 2023, it’s time to put color on blast.

Amy Youngblood, principal designer of Amy Youngblood Interiors, says she’s eager to trade color-void spaces in favor of warmer interiors as well as less fuss when it comes to trying to keep it clean. As for the colors currently on the trend forecast, Brittany Farinas, creative director of House of One, says dark purples are coming in hot. “I’m loving this dark and sexy color to add moodiness to a space,” she says. 

Going bold with color doesn’t necessarily mean swathing the walls from floor to ceiling. Stark says textiles and furniture are also great ways to change up a space. Another way to get in on the action is by playfully pairing color with metallic finishes. Truong and Dang suggest marrying bold, monochromatic colors with an impactful metal like gold or silver for contrast.

modern earthy living room with bamboo slatted coffee table
Laurey Glenn

5. Discover New Ways to Bring in Nature

Connections to the outdoors is nothing new as far as home trends go, but instead of keeping outside spaces, well, outside, we’ll be finding new and unexpected ways to bring them in. Your home's color palette plays a part, and blues and greens certainly had a moment in 2022. But in the year ahead, it’s going to be all about natural materials as a way to blur the lines.

According to Stark, materials like linen, hemp, cotton, jute, and wool all help create a warm and inviting environment while helping ground us in our spaces. And there's still plenty of room for real greenery, too. Stark assures houseplants will continue to thrive in the year ahead.

home office with plywood shelves
Dana Gallagher

6. Upgrade Home Offices

“As we move out of 2022, hybrid working has become the new normal and the physical office takes on a more flexible role in how people work,” says Stark. “The office is the new connection hub and a place to build community.” That means whether you're at home or on location, offices are moving from simply a space for a desk, power outlet, and Wi-Fi connection to an environment for collaboration and creativity.

To upgrade your home office, consider a focal point wall for Zoom meetings and incorporating areas to both brainstorm and recharge. “Workspaces are where many people spend several hours of their day, so just like at home, these spaces need to promote a sense of well-being, connection, and comfort,” says Stark.

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