How to Paint Striped Curtains

Skip the store and learn how to paint striped curtains with this easy technique that delivers the same charming look.

Vertical and horizontal striped curtains introduce pattern and color into your home. With DIY striped curtains, you can save money and create a custom look you'll love. Try a bold hue in a neutral room that needs a little lift, or create a striking design with black-and-white striped drapes. These easy do-it-yourself instructions show you exactly how to paint striped curtains perfectly. This DIY curtain idea uses chalk-finish paint, which gives a matte look.

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How to Paint Striped Curtains

Add pattern to your living spaces with our step-by-step tutorial for painting striped curtains.

What You'll Need

  • Drop cloth
  • Solid lined curtain panel
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Thick painters tape
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Paintbrush
  • Chalk-finish paint

Step 1: Prep Curtains

Start with a solid, lined curtain panel. If needed, iron out any wrinkles before painting curtains. Lay the panel over a drop cloth on a flat surface.

measuring curtain with measuring tape and pencil to add stripes
Marty Baldwin

Step 2: Measure Stripes

Measure your desired stripe widths and mark with a pencil. Rather than just marking at the edge of one panel, measure and make several marks across the length of the curtain panel to help you apply the painters tape straight.

creating stripe painter's tape
Marty Baldwin

Step 3: Mark with Tape

Apply painters tape across the width of the curtain panel, smoothing out the fabric as you go. Check as you go along to make sure the tape is straight. Press down the edges of the tape to ensure no paint seeps underneath.

spraying water curtain
Marty Baldwin

Step 4: Prep for Paint

Working in sections, lightly spray a stripe area with water. This will help the paint glide on and soak in for better coverage.

adding paint to curtain for stripe
Marty Baldwin

Step 5: Paint Stripes

Swirl paint onto the fabric using a brush. Paint away from the tape edge for a clean line. Repeat for each stripe. If desired, apply a second coat.

removing tape reveal stripe
Marty Baldwin

Step 6: Remove Tape

Peel away the painters tape. Once dry, hang your striped curtain panels, and enjoy! If you’re making a set of vertical striped curtains that will hang together, repeat the steps, checking to make sure the stripes are in alignment from one panel to the next.

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