Woven Window Treatment

If you've ever woven paper strips, you'll have no trouble making these panels.

What You Need

  • 2 yards of chocolate brown microfiber fabric
  • White typing paper; scissors
  • Chalk pencil; single-edge razor blade; straightedge
  • Fray Check liquid seam sealant
  • 1 yard of blue microfiber fabric
  • 1 yard of green microfiber fabric
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Clear packaging tape

How to Make it

  1. Begin by cutting two 23-1/4-x-72-inch panels of chocolate-brown fabric. Two yards of fabric will make two 70-inch-long panels.
  2. Lay one panel flat on a protected surface, facedown. Work from the back.
  3. Cut 11 pieces of paper, each 4-3/4-x-10 inches. These indicate how the front of your woven panel will look. Position them on the fabric back.
  4. With a chalk pencil, make a fine line at the top and bottom of each piece of paper. The chalk line should be the width of the paper pattern, or 4 3/4 inches.
  5. With the finest line possible and minimal liquid, run a line of Fray Check along each chalk marking and down each side of the panel to prevent fraying.
  6. Let the panel markings dry thoroughly.
  7. Place cardboard under the panel, and using a single-edge razor blade and a straightedge, carefully cut along the lines to make the slits for weaving.
  8. Use your practice line to try cutting before you cut the slits in the panel.
  9. On both the blue and green microfiber fabrics, measure and mark strips that are 4 3/4 inches wide.
  10. Apply a thin line of Fray Check along the lines, and let it dry.
  11. Cut the strips, and carefully weave them through the panel slits.
  12. Turn down the top and turn up the bottom of each brown panel 1 inch.
  13. Finger-press and then glue the hems, using fabric adhesive. You may need to lay plastic over the hem and weight it slightly with books until the adhesive creates a bond. Use only a thin application of adhesive.
  14. Use adhesive or clear packaging tape to secure the ends of the woven strips to the back of each panel. Hang with clip rings.
  15. For a panel that will look good from the outside of your home, create a lining from white or ecru microfiber that measures slightly smaller all around than your finished panel.


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