How to Make Custom Bamboo Blinds

Whether they're too wide or too long, bamboo blinds are easy to customize to fit your windows. We'll show you how to properly cut them to size.

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands to get the perfect set of blinds. Bamboo blinds come in many shades for an affordable price at most home stores. However, if you have custom windows in your home, the standard window treatment might not be the right size off the shelf. Below, we'll show you how to resize a store-bought set of bamboo blinds, including how to fix bamboo blinds that are too wide or too long. You likely already have all the tools you need.

Editor's Tip: Cutting blinds might void the warranty, so consider this before you begin.

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How to Cut Bamboo Blinds

Learn how to cut bamboo blinds to fit the windows in your home. Below are the supplies you'll need.

Supplies Needed

  • Bamboo blinds
  • Painters tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Permanent marker or fabric marker
  • Miter saw
  • Straight edge
  • E6000 permanent adhesive glue
  • Cutting mat
  • Utility knife

How to Cut Bamboo Blinds That Are Too Wide

This quick DIY project will fix bamboo blinds that are too wide for your window.

wrap rolled bamboo blinds with tape
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Step 1: Roll Blinds

Roll the blinds tightly around the headrail, making sure the edges are even. Tape the rolled blinds in the center to hold them in place and stabilize them.

measure rolled blinds and mark to cut
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Step 2: Measure and Mark Intended Size

Measure and mark where you want to cut the blinds. You can reduce both sides or one. To reduce both sides, measure out from the center point an equal distance on each side. Reduce your measurement by 1/4 inch to allow the blinds to move within your window frame.

Editor's Tip: Once you've marked your measurements, you can choose to wrap additional painters tape around the bamboo blinds a few inches from each end. This will help with stability as you're cutting.

Step 3: Cut Blinds

Cut the blinds at your measurements using a miter saw. Cut the headrail as well. Depending on your bamboo blinds and how much material you're removing, you might have to cut a slot on the headrail or move the mounting bracket.

How to Cut Bamboo Shades That Are Too Long

Prevent your bamboo blinds from piling up on the windowsill with these simple steps.

Step 1: Mark Length

Install the blinds on the window according to the manufacturer's instructions. Mark on the back of the shades your desired length. At full length, the blinds should sit just above the windowsill but shouldn't touch the surface. Use a measuring tape and straight edge to draw a straight line across the back of the blinds at your mark.

tie string in double knot around ring
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Step 2: Cut and Tie Strings

Identify the closest ring above your mark and cut the string. Tie the string to the ring, double knotting and trimming the excess. Repeat, cutting and tying all the rings at the same level.

apply hot glue to blind strings in front
Marty Baldwin

Step 3: Secure Strings

On the front of the blinds, find the area where you're going to cut. Glue the strings above and below that point to prevent them from unraveling. Be sure to glue at every string across the entire length.

Step 4: Cut Final Length

Once the glue is dry, use a utility knife on a cutting mat to cut off the extra length. Fold about an inch of the bottom up and glue it to the back of the blinds to create a faux hem. Trim or tie the pull cords to shorten.

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