Gorgeous Ideas for Doorway Drapes

Bring a little softness and color to your home with doorway drapes—also known as portieres—and discover how a simple flounce of fabric can transform a space.

entry door drapes outside of dining room

In the days before central heat and air, heavy portieres were used to ward off the drafts between rooms. Today, these doorway drapes serve decorative purposes. Portieres can add softness, color, and pattern to a room. Indoor doorway curtains also make an eye-catching welcome into public rooms, and they can conceal the way to private rooms.

Sewing and installing a portiere is as easy as making a simple curtain panel. You can use just one fabric and finish the raw edges with iron-on hem tape or by sewing. For added opulence, use a different fabric on each side; sew the edges of the two fabrics—right sides together leaving an opening, turn, press, and sew the opening closed. The panel's header area depends on how you will hang it. You can hang a portiere from a regular door curtain rod, or shirr it over a tension rod hung within the door frame. Be sure to install some kind of tie-back, so you can easily walk past the fabric.

We've rounded up a few of our favorite doorway curtain ideas so you can add this darling detail to your own home. Whether you're looking for entryway drapes, front door drapes, custom drapes, or something else, one of our ideas is sure to inspire.

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Hidden from View


Doorway drapes are great for hiding undesirable spaces from view. In this instance, a set of fabric drapery disguises a messy kitchen from dinner guests. Consider adding portieres to other unsightly areas, such as a messy basement, closet, or bonus room. Also, consider nontraditional drapery—such as beaded door curtains or a Japanese door curtain—for added style impact.

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Double Layer

A Warm Welcome

Choice is part of any well-designed room. In this neutral dining space, you can have zero, one, or two drapes open at any given time. The double drapes make it easy to let light in for a sunny brunch, or darken the room for a mood-lit dinner—the choice is up to you.

Great Divide

dining room table

Few spaces are cozier than a reading nook, and this space takes it to the next level. Creamy colors, warm textures, and seclusion—thanks to a giant drape that hides the entrance—turn this nook into a private retreat. This space proves that in addition to hiding doorways, portieres are also perfect for segmenting rooms. Look for parts of your home that you wish had walls, then install drapery instead.

Shed Style

inside of shed

This darling she shed gets an extra layer of style with a set of curtains framing the door. Light linen fabric is perfect for covering the shed's entrance. The set-up lets light and air through but traps bugs in their tracks. In the winter, the drapes add an extra layer of warmth and help keep the space functional year-round.

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