Bathroom Window Treatments

Window treatments bring style, color, and decoration to your bathroom while softening the look of the room's hard surfaces. They also play an important role in the function of this heavy-traffic room. Consider the decorative and functional features of each of these window treatment types to choose the right one for your bathroom window.

Blinds & Shutters

  • Blinds and shutters are excellent functional choices for the bathroom, providing complete privacy and light control.
  • Used by themselves, blinds make a simple, clean design statement. Choose colored slats and fabric tapes to add a design element. Shutters offer a classic, traditional look.
  • For a blend of function and decoration, mount blinds or shutters on your bathroom window, and layer a decorative fabric treatment above or around them.
  • Opt for the synthetic version instead of wood. These materials resist warping and paint bubbling in this high-moisture room, and today's versions look just like wood.

Cellular Shades

  • Cellular shades feature a honeycomb tube between two fabric panels that traps hot or cold air, giving them a strong insulation feature. Consider cellular shades on a large window over your tub to help maintain that perfect soaking temperature.
  • Cellular shades come in a variety of fabric styles and colors to complement your bathroom's interior. Many also offer a privacy or room-darkening lining that can be added to the shade.
  • When raised, cellular shades nearly disappear to keep the view through your bathroom window open and bright. If you desire more decoration, layer them with fabric treatments.

Fabric Shades

Fabric shades, such as Roman and balloon shades, offer function and style at your bathroom window all in one. Fabric shades raise and lower to provide privacy and light control, while the shape and fabric selections make a design statement.

Shades made with lightweight fabrics will blur the view but show a silhouette through the window. Use these fabrics on windows that don't face neighbors or are in an upper level. For more privacy or light control, use a heavier fabric or outfit the shade with a lining.

Roman shades offer a tailored look while balloon shades are billowy and dressy. Fabric shades can be made or ordered in many variations to achieve the perfect look for your bathroom.

Draperies & Valances

  • Draperies and valances are primarily added to windows for decoration. Drapery panels can be installed to open and close, but this treatment is often too heavy for a standard-size or small bathroom.
  • If blinds or shutters are used for function at your bathroom window, add style and decoration with draperies, a valance, or a combination of the two treatments.
  • Because bathroom windows tend to be smaller or positioned without much excess wall around them, don't overdo with a heavy window treatment. A valance or a pair of curtain panels to frame the window is often enough.
  • Consider using washable fabrics for draperies and valances so the high moisture content in the bathroom doesn't affect the drape of the treatment or stain fine fabrics with condensation spots.


  • Sheer curtain panels add a soft and pretty, breezy appearance to your bathroom window. Their lightweight, translucent nature lets in lots of natural light but provides only minimal privacy.
  • Sheers are well-suited for the bathroom because the fabric dries quickly and is not likely to accumulate mold or mildew.
  • Choose a plain sheer for a simple design or seek out embroidered or printed fabrics for a decorative touch.
  • Layer sheers over more functional window treatments, such as blinds and shades, to gain privacy. Sheers are a nice addition to frosted-glass, glass block, and rain-glass windows, too.

Cafe Curtains

  • Cafe curtains installed on the lower portion of a bathroom window leave the top open to let in plenty of sunlight.
  • Cafe curtains are ideal in a powder room or on windows positioned where full privacy is not an issue.
  • Often made of sheer or lightweight fabrics, cafe curtains offer the same moisture-resistant benefit.

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