Window Treatment Basics

Give any room in your home a boost with beautiful window treatments. Learn the basics of window dressing including what types of window treatments work best for types of windows. Plus, get tips on how to hang and install window treatments with advice on what height to hang curtains or drapes and how best to install window treatments to ensure your windows look their best.

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Bedroom Window Treatments
Window treatments are decorative assets, but in a bedroom -- where privacy is key to feeling serene and calm -- window treatments are your strongest ally. They also can ensure a good night's sleep by blocking unwanted light and even dampening noise. Here are some window treatment options to help you make your bedroom an oasis.
Window Shades: Tips and Tricks

Learn about the different types of window shades and how to decide what window coverings will work best in your decor. Fabric shades can work with or in place of draperies for practical, stylish window treatments, whether you buy off-the-rack shades or opt for custom window treatments.