I Am Traditional: Meet Annette O'Toole

The actress is known for her TV roles in Nash Bridges and Smallville, and she currently stars in Virgin River at Netflix.

Annette O'Tool portrait in deep green dress
April Toole

Hometown Houston

Ready for autumn "I love the light. Everything seems golden in the fall. And my husband (Michael McKean) celebrates his birthday October 17. I love birthdays."

Read the room "Our home is filled with books, which is why it feels like a refuge to me, just as a library feels like a refuge to me in the outside world."

Proudest accomplishment "My daughters, Nell and Anna. They are loving, hardworking, strong young women I am proud to know."

Chuck Norris in the house! "We moved into this house 23 years ago and called the den The Walker Room in honor of Walker, Texas Ranger, our family's favorite show. There is a photo of Chuck Norris on a shelf over the TV."

Annette O'Toole

Like Yul Brynner says in The King and I, "East or West, Home is Best!"

—Annette O'Toole

Object of affection "My dad's brown plaid cotton robe that hangs in the bathroom. I sometimes wear it, but I mostly like to see it there."

Aspiring artist "I would love to be able to draw and am hopeless at it. Playing Pictionary is torture for me."

Gather 'round "I have my parents' dining room table, chairs, and sideboard. They are precious to me because of all the happy meals and times we have had around them over the years."

I Am Traditional She enjoys unloading the dishwasher first thing in the morning and is a fierce, dedicated lifelong knitter. She loves to visit London, has a huge soft spot for dogs, and believes the best part about playing music is playing it with other people.

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