Boxes, baskets, and shelves are great for storage, but what about the humble ladder? Discover genius organization ideas for new or vintage ladders, whether you're looking for the perfect place to perch linens or a way to grow your indoor garden.

May 20, 2016
bathroom storage

A vintage ladder, made new with your choice of paint color, is a stylish alternative to a towel bar. Designate each rung to a family member to keep towels tidy. Hanging metal planters offer grab-and-go access to brushes and other hairstyling aids.

Clear Kitchen Clutter

Decorating Gallery

Flip storage on its side -- and capitalize on limited space -- with a flea market ladder that serves as a hanging pot rack. Hang cookware from nails along the side rails, or use S hooks to dangle pots and pans from the rungs.

Showcase Accents


Raise a ladder to new decorative heights by suspending simple glass jars from the rungs. Use the jars to hold flowers or small collectibles, such as buttons, letters, or shells. Screw hooks into each rung to hold the jars, then wrap wire around the neck of each vessel several times, making a double loop on the back side for hanging. Conceal the wire with baker's twine for spotlightworthy storage.

Collect Books

green ladder

Convert an old step stool into a bookshelf with just a few pieces of spare wood. Secure a piece of wood, cut to the desired size, to the top of the stool to create a steady landing zone big enough for a lamp, clock, and other bedtime essentials. Lay additional pieces of wood to the area between rungs to form shelves. Line with your favorite reading material for a cozy, one-of-a-kind book nook.

Display Linens


A tall wooden ladder looks at home in a kitchen or dining room draped with collected linens from near and far. Use one to showcase your favorite dishcloth designs or store occasional linens until needed.

Curate a Garden

plants on ladder

A classic A-frame ladder becomes a plant oasis with a few simple tweaks. Start with a used ladder and a small amount of lumber. Secure wood pieces to each rung before painting a punchy hue. Stack with plenty of plants and watch your garden grow!

Cut Closet Clutter

white ladder

Showcase your favorite garments, and provide closet-clutter relief, by hanging select clothing items on a pretty vintage ladder with patina. Kick up the style quotient with colored or patterned hangers.

Create a Nightstand


Alarm clock, books, candles: each has a place on this ladder-turned-nightstand that's just the right height. Stash magazines on the wire rungs, or cover with fabric or lumber for storing smaller objects.

Group Blankets

ladder and dresser

Maximize a small bedroom by storing winter linens, like quilts and flannel sheets, on a ladder during warmer months. A leftover bunk-bed ladder became this room's storage savior.

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June 22, 2018
This would be perfect for hanging towels in my small bathroom. I’m just wondering how it is attached to the wall. Any suggestions?