Whether they're bulky or barely used, some items are simply hard to store -- but not anymore. We found the perfect places for extension cords, umbrellas, wrapping paper, and more!

holiday lights storage

Although they're a pretty holiday addition, string lights can become a real pain if they're not stored properly. Instead of shoving them back into a bag or box where they're destined to get tangled, wrap each strand around a piece of cardboard and make a slit so the cord stays in place. Place the wrapped lights in a lidded storage box and tuck away in your basement or attic until needed.


Bathroom storage

They're big and they're bulky, so stash a vacuum cleaner with other cleaning supplies in a bathroom closet. Clear out space so the vacuum can fit vertically, then add narrow shelves on the side to maximize storage.


scissors and nail storage

Corral easy-to-lose tools in an ice cube tray. This allows for small items to be grouped together and easily found, plus you will never again accidentally poke yourself while digging through a drawer of loose nails or screws.

Hair Dryer

bathroom storage, storage, bathroom, hair brush, dryer, products

A plastic hook is the perfect match for your hair dryer. Small, stick-on storage hooks can be placed anywhere and will keep the cords of hair-styling tools from tangling. Bonus! Use them to mount a plastic basket inside your vanity door for hair products.


outdoor accessories storage

Already out the door only to realize it's raining? Make your trek back inside a little shorter by stashing umbrellas in the entryway. A labeled storage basket makes it easy to find what you're looking for, while a metal wire design helps umbrellas dry out faster. Keep other weather-dependent accessories -- such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and ponchos -- tucked in the same bin.

Wrapping Paper

Over the door gift wrap storage

Instead of letting back-of-the-door space go to waste, turn it into a one-stop wrapping station. Stash bows, paper, tape, envelopes -- anything you need to wrap the perfect present -- in buckets and mounted containers.



Tired of tangled cords? Us too. Drill a hole in a wall-mounted organizer, then thread your charging cord up from the outlet and through the hole. Secure with electrical tape.

User Manuals

craft storage

Nothing is more frustrating than a broken appliance -- except for maybe trying to locate the user manual. Keep all manuals in a magazine file that's stashed on a convenient shelf or bookcase.

Dirty Laundry

laundry storage

Instead of putting your dirty laundry on display, stash it inside a closet near your washing machine. Bonus points if you use two hampers -- one for lights and one for darks. We guarantee they'll make sorting a breeze.


key storage

Banish stacks of paper clutter. Keep mail tidy in a mounted organizer that doubles as a family calendar. Stash magazines, ads, catalogs, and coupons in a divider, then mount any urgent mail with magnets.


suitcase storage

Luggage doesn't have to be stuffed under a bed. Instead, stack suitcases on a vintage shelf. Use the space inside the suitcase as storage for extra linens, throws, or out-of-season items.

Shampoo and Conditioner

shower storage, bath, storage, shower

Streamline bathtime by storing only a few bottles in your shower at a time. Bulky plastic shampoos, conditioners, and body washes take up precious space, so make the switch to refillable (and labeled) bottles.

Extension Cords

extension cord storage

Rescue extension cords from a dusty corner in the garage and hang them from the wall instead. Mount a wire rack in a dry spot, hang cords, and connect to power -- zero time spent detangling.

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