Simple shelving ideas with innovative style can change the look and feel of your rooms. Check out our instructions for six different ways to build your own shelves with ease.

By Hannah Bruneman
June 08, 2015
Kitchen with open shelves

A simple solution to many storage woes is as easy as installing a shelf. Make the most of extra shelving in your home by filling it with artwork or using it as a small table or desk. Here we show you our favorite shelving projects for various rooms in your home. You'll love the versatility of built-in shelves in the entryway and the functionality of a bathroom shelf that doubles as a medicine cabinet. Pick a favorite project and learn how to build your own shelves using our expert tips.

Entryway Floorboard Shelf

diy entryway shelf

If your entryway is too narrow for a table or bench, hang a DIY shelf instead. This one holds mail and artwork, plus serves as a place to drop keys and wallets as you walk in the door. A bracket shelf made from the home's old floorboards added the perfect amount of storge space to hold a small basket for drop-zone clutter.

Hanging Rope Shelf

rope shelf, shelf, rope, shelf

The key to a unique space is to rethink the way you see everyday objects, such as tables, lights, or shelves. This bathroom needed some extra storage for pampering products, so instead of hiding items behind cabinet doors, we put everything on display with DIY hanging shelves. The spa-inspired design is made with wood boards and heavy-duty rope. It's easy to make and matches well with every style.

DIY Ladder Shelf

Kitchen shelving

This project gives new meaning to the term "ladder shelf." Instead of leaning against a wall with gradually increasing shelf sizes, this set of shelves stands on its own and is sandwiched between two ladders. These DIY shelves work great in a farmhouse style kitchen and hold everyday items to quickly grab and put away. This project is perfect if small wall shelf ideas just won't cut it for the amount of supplies you need to store.

Bedside Shelf

diy shelf beside bed

In a small bedroom, you might want to swap your bedside table plans for some smart shelving ideas. Elegant curved brackets and a plain board trimmed with carved molding make this dreamy bedside shelf. It boasts all the space you need for bedtime necessities and doesn't take up much-needed floor space. Use the open area below to store decorative baskets for blankets or to install more floating shelves to serve as a shoe rack.

Cabinet Floating Shelves

bathroom storage, drawers, chests, bathroom

Sometimes it can be hard to choose between cabinets and shelves, especially in the bathroom. This ingenious bathroom hack turns your cabinets on their sides to make custom floating shelves that have double the storage space. Here, new drawer pulls make it easy to slide open the cabinet door. You have the freedom to place candles, soap, and small frames on top of the shelves, and hide towels and messy bottles behind closed doors.

Bathroom Shelf Combo

mint green bathroom vanity and shelf

In a tiny bathroom, small floating shelves can stand in for a medicine cabinet. They can also be slightly modified to hold a towel, too. We made both upgrades with this double-duty DIY wall shelf. Use our tips to learn how to install a dowel rod between shelf brackets for a handy fix in a cramped space.


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