This custom shelving provides architectural interest and ample storage for accessories.
bedroom teal blue wall gold accents floor-to-ceiling DIY wood shelf
Blaine Moats

Set against a colorful wall, natural wood shelving provides architectural interest and ample storage for books, art, plants, and other accessories. You can even install a light source by screwing a wall-mount fixture to the side of the unit. Although it looks complicated, this DIY vertical shelf is an easy beginner project and a good introduction to using a table saw and nail gun. Rent tools if storage and cost are concerns.

  • Working time 3 hrs
  • Start to finish 0.5 days
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Involves Sawing, Nailing, Drilling, Sanding, Staining/sealing

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Measure and Cut Wood

Measure and cut wood to size. Cut three vertical pieces 15x96 inches. (These instructions are standard for 8-foot ceilings; if your height is different, adjust the length.) Cut seven pieces measuring 15x15 inches and three face frames measuring 1-1/2x96 inches (or your alternative height). 

Step 2

Sand Wood and Install Shelves

Sand all wood pieces using fine sandpaper. Lay out left-side shelf components, placing three shelves to form four equal spaces. Install shelves by nailing from the outer sides of the vertical pieces. 

Step 3

Nail Center Vertical Support

Lay out the other components, dividing them into five equal distances. Nail through the center vertical support and the outside of the right-hand piece. 

Step 4

Nail Face-Frame Pieces

Nail the face-frame pieces into place on the front of the vertical boards. Fill nail holes with wood filler; when dry, sand smooth. 

diy wood shelving corner with books
Step 5

Seal with Polyurethane

Working in a protected, well-ventilated area, seal with polyurethane; let dry. 

vertical wood shelves with home decor phone stand
Step 6

Install Shelving

Install by driving screws into the side wall and using wall anchors for the back wall; secure anchors to wall studs to support the weight of the shelf. 


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