Crushing On: Picture Ledges

These pretty picture ledges are decorating gold.

1. Home Office

Need to define a space in a room? Picture ledges are the perfect solution. If your bedroom doubles as your home office, add some picture ledges about your desk to help section off the space.

Ledges from The DIY Playbook

2. Living Room

Picture ledges are perfect above a couch or sofa that's against a wall. You can arrange them one ledge directly above another or staggered. If you choose to stagger them, adding a piece of art in the blank space is a good idea so the arrangement doesn't look off-balance.

Ledges from Crafty Teacher Lady

3. Nursery

Picture ledges aren't only for pictures. Put them in a nursery or child's room and use them as book ledges. When your child has outgrown picture books, the ledges can be used to display their school artwork, achievement certificates, and photos of family and friends.

Ledges from Old House to New Home

4. Color Pop

If you have a bold wall color, use a couple of white picture ledges to break up the saturated color. If you go with white picture frames or mattes, your artwork will also pop more against the darker wall.

Ledges from The Striped House

5. Wall to Wall

Who says you can't fill a wall with picture ledges? With a white wall and white picture ledges, the items on the ledges really pop. You could execute this idea in a child's room or playroom. This would also look great in a hallway or landing.

Ledges from Creating Really Awesome Free Things

6. Dining Room

Picture ledges are also great for displaying collections like plates. It doesn't make sense to buy pretty plates and store them away where no one can see them. So put patterned plates front and center -- and high enough so they aren't within reach of little hands.

Ledges from Christina's Adventures


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