The Perfect Sewing Room

Transform your basement into a sewing room with a few accessories and a splash of color on the walls.

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    The Sewer's Dream Room

    Create a cozy sewing space in your basement with a large corner desk, fabric storage, and a pop of color on the walls.

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    A Place for Fabric

    Perfect for stacks of fabric, books, and boxes -- we attached a long and narrow bookshelf to the wall for additional storage.

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    Organize the Accessories

    Hang metal, clear-top canisters on a magnetic strip and fill them with trims, buttons, and other small items. Utilizing wall space means a clear work area.

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    The Perfect Desk

    Spoil yourself with a real sewing desk featuring a lowered area for your machine, allowing you to have optimal space for making one-of-a-kind pieces.

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    Hide It in Boxes

    Eliminate clutter by storing unattractive items in closed storage. Label the boxes so it's easy to find what you need.

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    A Rolling Space

    Adapt a rolling metal shelf unit with locking casters into a movable cutting table. Add a flat surface to the top for cutting and you've instantly added space.

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