A Cozy Sewing Room with Charm

Feminine details mix with modern functionality to create a pretty room that has space for both sewing and family.

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    A Multi-Purpose Room

    This pretty sewing room was once a family room, but as the homeowner's sewing business expanded, so did her need for a cozy and organized work space. Now the room is a family-friendly space at one end of the room and a smart sewing space at the other. An oversize organic motif rug grounds the vintage chic family area.

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    Faux Paneling

    This petite settee has a charming shape. A twin-size quilt (folded and tucked into place) and accent pillows add a splash of color. Get the Look: For a quick and inexpensive way to mimic wall paneling, paint the lower portion of your wall white, top with a chair rail, and insert vertical lattice boards.

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    Pretty Fabric Art

    To use up your favorite fabric scraps and create easily changeable artwork, roll lengths of fabric and place in a shadow box. Lightweight artwork like this can even be hung with removable adhesive strips.

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    Highlight the Fireplace

    Paint is a quick and inexpensive way to revive dated brick and gout. The off-white fireplace surround is topped by a cherry wood mantel and cute mini-topiaries. Antique tin ceiling tiles are an interesting alternative to a traditional painting or mirror.

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    Accessorize with Pillows

    Delicate, embroidered pillows throughout the room provide a feminine touch. The room's color scheme -- pink, blue, green, and yellow -- is represented in this country-style cushion.

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    Storage-Savvy Space

    Opposite the family space is the sewing nook, complete with a generous size work surface and surrounded by cabinetry. A creamy finish keeps the extensive cabinetry from being too heavy, and a few cherry finishes add unexpected contrast. The desk chair's casters move easily on low-profile carpet tiles.

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    Pretty and Practical

    A collection of vintage pincushions look sweet and charming when stacked on a pedestal.

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    It's a Stickup

    A bank of 7-inch-deep cabinets allowed for creative storage ideas such as this magnetic memo board. A piece of galvanized metal was cut to fit then screwed to secure it to the cabinet back. For a pretty finish, it was covered with wallpaper.

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    Eye Candy

    Buttons and embellishments are stored in clear glass jars and displayed on open shelving.

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    Hang Time

    Pegboard isn't just for workbenches. A sheet was cut to fit inside a cabinet and painted with durable oil-base paint. Hooks hold tools and fabric swatches. Clear plastic cups house scissors and colored pencils. A tension rod holds ribbon in place.

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    Utility Company

    A phone jack and outlet installed inside the cabinet and an outlet in the floor under the desk allow the room to function smartly without unsightly cords.

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    In the Bank

    Stacks of pretty quilting fabrics are sorted and identified by color using shelf labels. Eighteen spice drawers house notions and supplies. Designed to hold labels, the drawer pulls ensure that everything is easily found and returned to the proper place

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    Under Cover

    Convenient and compact, an ironing board kit was retrofitted into a cabinet drawer.

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    Small but Mighty

    A clever tilt drawer is one place to keep small sewing supplies -- such as bobbins and a tape measure -- close at hand.

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    Divide and Conquer

    This petite garbage can insert features divided bins -- perfect for sorting scraps to discard from those worthy of reusing in a future project.

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    Sideboard Storage

    A rich cherry wood sideboard pops against the white paneled wall behind it. In place of an unsightly metal file cabinet, invoices and receipts are kept tidy in blue-fabric-covered file boxes. Editors' Tip: Use mirrors, silver, and other reflective surfaces to bounce light to all areas of a room.

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    Reference Section

    Magazines are organized in metal bins with easy-to-make labels cut from magnetic ink-jet paper.

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    Light and Airy

    A mix of wicker and upholstered furniture keeps the room soft, yet casual. A large bay window lets in lots of natural light and is dressed simply with floral-print swag.

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    Cozy Window Seat

    Plenty of soft cushions and embroidered pillows cover the window seat, creating a comfy spot to read or relax.

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    Picture Perfect

    In one corner of the room, a white wicker chair and petite side table create a snug sitting area. On the wall above, a variety of pink buttons spell out the homeowner's favorite pastime.

    See artwork instructions on the next slide.

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    Button Art Instructions

    To make this artwork, spell a word or saying using a font from a computer or typography book. Enlarge it to the desired size, cut out, and use a fabric pencil to trace onto fabric. Fill in with buttons, using fabric glue to secure. Frame when dry.

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