The Ultimate Scrapbooking Room

From unique storage ideas to her inspirational surroundings, Scrapbooks Etc. contributing editor Polly Maly's craft room is a scrapbooker's paradise.

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    Scrapbooking Paradise

    This roughly 15-x-15-foot room is an organizational powerhouse when broken down into dedicated zones for different tasks and supplies: (left to right) tool station, embellishments and photos, computer center, stamping supplies. Paper and books are stored along the far right side of the room.

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    Stash It

    Pull-out drawers make it easy to hide your supplies and easy to retrieve them when needed. Here the die cuts are organized vertically to use less space. Simply use wood dividers to customize your drawers.

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    Punch It Out

    Low-cost nonslip drawer liners prevent punches from shifting around in Polly's tool station.

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    Customize Your Cabinets

    Glass-front doors for the upper cabinets keep the space visually light and allow visitors to see Polly's collection of vintage cameras and scrapped albums.

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    Be Inspired by Photos

    To complement the black accents, she created an inspirational wall of photos. To create a dramatic feel, use varying sizes and types of photos and frames.

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    Show It Off

    Embellishments are great decor. She placed colorful buttons in a retro-inspired scale for another pop of color in the room.

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    Utilize Drawer Space

    Make the most out of the space under your cabinets with rolling drawers. Store paper, ribbon, and other supplies in this handy space.

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    Stamp Central

    Store your rubber stamps on the shallow picture ledges. Use drawers below for more stamp storage if needed. Ink pads are neatly contained in a lazy-Susan-style caddy on the work surface.

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    Handy Ribbon Storage

    Use ribbon as a decorative accent. Placing scraps of ribbon in glass canisters is a great way to keep scraps tidy and add color to your space. For your favorite rolls, hang a small rod and place ribbon across, sorting by color or pattern.

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    Create a Work Station

    Polly's desk allows her to have plenty of room to spread out her photos and use her computer. The desk lamp provides much-needed light to this basement space.

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    Hide the Scanner

    Pullout shelves make it easy to stash electronic materials like the computer scanner and CDs.

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    Embellishment Storage

    Keep small accents in clear jars, then place in a spice-jar organizer for easy storage without spending big bucks.

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    Frequently used tools are close by and kept tidy with simple drawer organizers. This collection is housed in the top left drawer of Polly's built-in desk.

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    The Paper Zone

    The paper zone contains an inspiration board that's flanked by stacked cubes filled with card stock, hanging files for scraps, and books.

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    Lots of work surfaces allow Polly the luxury of leaving a page in progress without cluttering the room. Though she works mostly at the portable table in the center of the room, standing at the counters adds a whole new dynamic to her work style. "Here, I can rotate my task light, be within easy reach of embellishments and tools, and have easy access to the computer for journaling or printing. I love it."

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