6 Tips for a Tidy Scrapbook Closet

What was once a chaotic junk closet is now transformed into an inspirational storage space for a beginning scrapper. Simple, straightforward storage solutions, with a few snaps of bright color, invigorate this scrapbook hideaway.

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    Take Advantage of a Closet

    If your scrapbooking supplies are taking over your house, tuck them into a spare hall closet with these six creative ideas.

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    Be Inspired

    Because of the limited area, every inch of the closet is put to work. Cork trivets from a kitchen-and-bath store create a miniature bulletin board -- the trivets are thicker than standard wall cork and are easily mounted with foam tape.

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    Store with Drawers

    A set of metal-mesh drawer dividers keep flip-top containers of small embellishments from sliding around. Metal label holders glued to each drawer make it clear what's inside.

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    Keep Them Tidy

    Zipper-close transparent sleeves store acrylic and foam stamps in layers for easy access.

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    Hide It Behind the Door

    Pegboard makes the most of behind-the-door dead space, with minimal nail holes. Adjustable shelves move with changing storage needs.

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    Hang It Up

    Papers hanging from clothes hangers look pretty and accessible, and the system separates pattern types and colors.

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