Stamp-filled Scrapbook Room

Tracy organized her room so that she could include all her scrapbook supplies, creating a functional work area where everything has its place.

Organize Floor to Ceiling

Tracy made the most of her scraproom by using all the available space. Her shelving goes from floor to ceiling, allowing her to fit in all her supplies, including an extensive stamp collection.

Keep It Close at Hand

Tracy's wrought-iron organizers allow her to bring order to chaos and help it look pretty as well. Hanging tin buckets hold scissors and writing utensils, and ribbons fit nicely in a basket.

Use Wide Open Spaces

A large table with very little on it gives Tracy plenty of room to spread out. Although a large cutting mat dominates the space, she still has room to store a trimmer, a lamp, and other supplies.

Store Cardstock by Color

Tracy's extensive cardstock collection fit these shelves perfectly. She organized her stash by color, making it easy to find the shade she's looking for.

Hang Embellishments

This circular rack allows Tracy to store her embellishments within sight. Ribbons, stickers, brads, and flowers are all easily scanned, and the system preserves valuable space.

Stack Your Stamps

Floor-to-ceiling shelves give Tracy room to display nearly all her wood-mounted stamps. The shelves are spaced at just the right distance for the stamps to stand up, and the width of the shelves allows for storing more than one row of stamps. Tracy likes to be able to see her stamps -- she's found she uses them more when they're in view.

Stack Stamps in a Drawer

Alphabet wood-mounted stamps are tucked away in a shallow drawer. Tracy stacked the stamps in some parts of the drawer, allowing even more to fit. Her clear stamps are stored in another drawer.

Use Space Under Counters

Dozens of stackable drawers fill the space under Tracy's counters. Tucking drawers under counters helps make the most of every inch in a scraproom.

Make Room to Sit

Although Tracy's scrapping table is at standing height, she has another space for sitting. She left ample room between drawers for her to sit comfortably, and her sewing and electronic die-cutting tools are situated on the counter for easy access. Her room houses all of her craft supplies, not just scrapbooking (she keeps her sewing machine and fabrics there, too).

Decorate Your Surface

Tracy wanted to add some flair to her plain white countertops, so she added large vinyl paisleys to the surface. This helps to make her room feel more like a creative environment.

Hang It Up

A wall organizer allows Tracy to hang many of her necessary supplies, including hole punches, paper towels, and small embellishments.

Keep It Together

On a shelf of her hanging wall organizer, Tracy placed several small cups to hold tiny embellishments.

Color Code

Brads and pins are organized by color in one of Tracy's many drawers. Each color is stored neatly in a compartment, eliminating clutter.

Organize Chipboard

Chipboard letters and shapes find a home in a deep drawer, allowing Tracy to store larger shapes with ease. Different compartments separate letters from shapes. When organizing her room, Tracy sorted all her similar embellishments into drawers to make it easier to find items while working on a project.

Store Punches

Circle, square, and shape punches of various sizes fit perfectly in a drawer. Tracy tried to keep similar tools together in drawers, while all the tools she uses regularly are kept on or beside her worktable.

Store Your Scraps

Instead of letting scraps go to waste, Tracy keeps them contained in a drawer. This allows her to sift through them quickly and make the most of her supplies.

Make Use of Your Drawers

Mini albums waiting to be filled and other album-related supplies are the perfect fit for this drawer. Tracy said moving really helped her clean and sort her supplies -- and it helped her find stuff she'd forgotten that she loved.

Shelve Your Patterned Paper

Patterned paper, also organized by color, fits in this grouping of shelves. Deep and wide enough to hold 12x12" sheets, it puts an extensive paper collection at Tracy's fingertips. When Tracy moved, she went through all her patterned paper and sorted it by color -- a method she highly recommends -- instead of by company as she had before.

Make Use of Jars

Tracy used large glass jars to hold buttons and other accents. Not only are the jars functional, but they also create a colorful display.

Light It Up

One of the best things a scraproom can have is good lighting. Tracy's tabletop lamp provides the high power she needs to choose colors for and add detail to her projects. Another bonus to Tracy's room is that, although it's not a large room, the big window adds plenty of natural light and opens up the space.

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