Spacious Attic Scrapbook Studio

Scrapbook designer Valerie Salmon's attic scraproom has the perfect balance of hardworking storage solutions and relaxing decor. See how she makes the most of her scrapbook space and get some storage solutions you can use in your own crafting spot.

Create Scrapbook Work Space with Cost-Effective Surfaces

Valerie Salmon designed her room with an abundance of desk space to accommodate her supplies. She chose these modular office furniture surfaces from Staples for her counter. These types of surfaces are less expensive than built-in surfaces and allow flexibility in case she moves or wants to rearrange.

Create a Scrapbook Island

Valerie installed a kitchen island from Eagle Industries in the center of her room to serve as her main scrapping area. She stores minimal supplies here for optimal work space.

Make Commonly Used Supplies Accessible

Valerie primarily scrapbooks on the island unit, so most of her frequently used tools are stored within reach. The drawers on the island hold favorite supplies, such as her circle punches.

Designate a Section Of The Scraproom To Ribbon Storage

Make room for ribbon! This hanging metal shelving unit is perfect for storing Valerie's large ribbon collection. To easily find what you need, organize by color, placing the most frequently used supplies in easy-to-reach spots.

Extra tips: Hang tiny colorful buckets to the side of storage units with metal clips. Valerie's pails hold favorite ribbon scraps and fabric samples. A metal cart keeps other ribbon-supply options organized.

Make a Storage-Savvy and Soothing Scraproom

Create a calming atmosphere by decorating your scrapbook room. Dress up walls over storage shelves with finished crafts projects or inspirational pictures, as Valerie did here. Bring unity to the room by storing embellishments in identical containers. Valerie used the same bowl-shape storage canisters to organize buttons by color.

Repurpose Household Items into Storage Solutions

Valerie turned cheery, colorful garden containers into crafts storage. Repurposing household items cuts cost and makes your scrapbook room unique. Valerie used these containers to store punch tools on top of the dresser from Home Decorators that holds her punch collection. Punches are stored by style with dresser drawers labeled to save time searching.

Invest In an Organization Rack for Cardstock

Wire racks store patterned paper or cardstock without the risk of bending or ripping. They also allow you to quickly find what you're looking for. Papers are in clear view, instead of tucked away in files or drawers. Valerie groups her cardstock by color.

Add Extra Lighting to Dark Scraproom Spaces

Be conscious of where light is scarce in your scrapbook room. This corner of Valerie's attic scrapbook room serves as a die-cutting center. It provides great storage options and scrapbooking space, but Valerie needs a lamp to craft here.

Search Online for Budget Organization Options

Tiered shelves are great for scrapbook rooms because they allow for storage of all sorts of supplies. Similar units can be found at Pottery Barn or Ballard Design, but Valerie purchased hers from an eBay source for a fraction of the price. Valerie uses her shelving unit to organize small scrapbook embellishments, such as rhinestones, thread, and button packs.

Make Scraproom Computer Space Multifunctional

In addition to the typical uses of computer areas (e-mailing, Internet surfing, document preparation, blogging, etc.), Valerie's computer space is essential for scrapbook-related uses. It's primarily used for editing and printing photos, designing digital sketches and graphic images for the Web, and monitoring online classes she teaches. She also uses it to format computer journaling for scrapbook pages and other crafting projects.

Decorate Your Scrapbook Room with Finished Crafts

Hang small, completed crafts projects from clips on a corkboard. Valerie's cards provide motivation for other projects, while also staying in view in case one is needed.

Devote Desk Space to Small-Supply Storage

Valerie grouped similar embellishments in tiny containers to keep them from scattering and hung rub-ons and sticker supplies from a two-tier Clip-it-Up for easy organization. Her favorite scrapbooking flourishes are organized by color in glass bottles and stacked on low shelves. Valerie's favorite place for finding cute, small containers is the dollar bin at Target.

Create Space to Relax In Your Scrapbook Room

Valerie made her attic scraproom both a work space and a creative retreat. She placed a magazine rack near a comfortable chair where she can flip through crafts magazines for scrapbooking inspiration.

Dress Up Your Scrapbook Room with Furniture Accents

At the top of the stairs, right inside Valerie's attic scrapbook room, is a beautiful armoire framed by two wooden storage units from the EK Success Maple Lane collection. The armoire serves not only as a space for scrapbook supply storage, but also as an eye-catching furniture piece, adding elegance to the crafts room. Wicker baskets top the smaller storage units and hold various sticker supplies. Similar baskets can be found at Michaels stores.

Use Freestanding Storage Units for Easy Scrapbooking

This multicompartment storage bin holds some of Valerie's smaller items, such as her chipboard letters and stickers. The three-tier cart, from Target, is on wheels, making it easy to move from place to place for mobile crafting.

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